Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Breaking our silence

 Mid July, 2012, Dada and Sam "find their beach" in the 
middle of the vast 140,000 square mile Chihuahuan Desert

After more than four wonderful months of reconnecting
 with the *real* reality  here  in The Last Lane, editor 
Sam  and  I thought we'd break our silence with a little...



Thomas Wark said...

Sorry Baby, feelin' hurt down there in the dirt, won't be NOOOOOOOOO dancin' after Tuesday. Doom and Gloom.

D.K. Raed said...

nice pic of sam contemplating the vastness of reality while his master contemplates doom & gloom. naaah ... not while the sun is shining and you can still dance! I did a little dance tues night and was rewarded by a 20-lb neutron dog jumping on my chest, almost busting a rib. I swear that dog is composed of super dense dark matter. but I probably deserved it for making a trumpet sound with my hand.

Fran said...

Well, Manure Occureth (yes you can even get a t shirt that declares it!).
The Zen way is to acknowledge suffering (aka doom & gloom) & carry on.

At least the lessor of the 2 evils won - but I know you & I both, don't drink the kool aid- so it is hard to "celebrate" that the guy who won still has us stuck in the Afghansitan war & has dropped more drone bombs than a Nobel Peace prize winner should (zero???).

To be honest, that is pretty damned doom & gloomish, the 284 drone bomb strikes, but for the most part, that is done w/o headlines.
But a least Mitt can't start a war in Iran ASAP (as promised centrifuges are spinning as we speak...) along w his gawdawful desire to "provide jobs" (code for rape & pillage this planet for profit).

So we can partially wipe the sweat off our brows that things are not the worst of the worst case scenarios.

So good to see you & the editor-- we can all scratch our heads wondering about the meaning of life & why that doom & gloom keeps presenting itself.

Dada said...

DK - to quote Steinbeck: "I've seen a look in dog's eyes, a quickly vanishinbg look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts."

To this, I unwittingly fill Sam's same conclusion daily. But I think such a thought is not exclusive to dogs. I believe many/most (all)? of Nature's creatures probably share same.

Dada said...

Well, as Sam and I sat on our "beach" this past Tuesday, we sighed, knowing the spending of the hundreds of millions on "promise 'em anything" pol ads was finally at end.

"But what if worse comes to worse?" I put to Sam. We didn't have long to wait as the next morning we learned worse had come to worse. Fortunately, worse hadn't come to the worst.

And so, now we can fall back into 'normal' with wars droning on, the best health care the industry would allow us to have, kill lists. Back to building tar sands pipelines while trying to forget the NDAA, just as global warming was by this last mob of candidates.

Oh, and while on our beach, we'll try not to think about 2016 despite Marco Rubio's run for the oval office visit to Iowa alright already!

D.K. Raed said...

re: "dogs think humans are nuts" ... obviously mine thinks I'm a trampoline! or, perhaps that was her way of assaulting me with the heavy thought that perhaps I shouldn't get too excited ... that the future is not indeed all roses and cinnamon bears?

rubio ... arghhh ... feel sorry for the poor people of iowa who thought they were done with political ads for awhile!

Dada said...

D.K. -- actually, while I mostly agree with Steinbeck's quote, it fails to credit dogs with their most positive attribute -- an unconditional love for an otherwise insane species.

My admiration for Sam is thrust upon me each morning as we prepare to walk. It's always, "Oh, one more thing first, Sam," before we're out the door. Whether it be refreshing his water bowl, getting the cell phone, misplaced camera, and a stick of gum, deciding if I need a jacket, hat, "Where's my shades," a "doggie bag" stick of gum, a cookie or two for Sam and his new found 'girlfriend,' Senta, and a last look in the vanity mirror, etc. "Oh hell, I don't have my keys!" as Sam waits (and waits) patiently -- he has no choice. It's true -- I'm nuts.

If that isn't proof enough, how about the election year(s) of campaigning bullshit we've just come through that drove Sam and I to abandon such and seek "our beach."

So kudos to "The Bean" -- I have no doubt using you for a trampoline is but another creative attempt to jolt us back to reality (hopefully you have good health insurance should she break a rib (yours, not hers).