Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Cynic's Choice

Another even year divisible by four. And our baseless addictions once more rear their ugly heads. In the form of our faith in a *democratic* national election to decide the country's direction for the next four years. Denial is a beautiful thing!

I recently read somewhere, "Do not confuse irony and cynicism." I suppose Dada falls among the latter of these two. Whereas, irony, according to it's author, "is animated by hope -- for a better, more just, freer world, all of whose inhabitants share ethically in its abundance." I'm all for that, but...

...I would submit that irony is the trait of our presidential choices (again!) for this upcoming fall's election. Where the mere opening of the candidate's mouths drown us in oceans of hypocrisy. In that vein, I nominate  Dada's choice for the Cynic's candidate with the following qualification from a political scientist who suggested if you must partake the addiction of voting in the belief it makes a difference, vote for every third party or write-in candidate choice you can instead.

You may argue that's wasting your vote. Granted, bad habits are hard to kick. But Dada says, "So go ahead, continue this nation's drunken binge of voting for an Obama or a Romney." (And hope the least of the worst will be better than the worst of the least.)

 The Cynic's Choice

For us little people, ignored by politicians, but who are courted every four years by them and suddenly lavished with glowing promises (lies), only for us to resume our role as 'nothings' the day after elections (this year on Nov. 7th), comes "Nobody!" -- a candidate we all can believe in.


Anonymous said...

A lot of states won't even bother to tally our third-party or write-in votes, but they will have a record of how many of us voted for other offices but not for President. If it's big enough, that number will send a message to the two political parties. Of course, refusing to send them or their lying candidates one thin dime sends a message, too. But then that just makes the Koch Brothers' filthy lucre that much more effective. Damned if we do, damned if we don't, damned if we diddle in betwixt.

Fran said...

NOBODY will stop having US involvement in foreign wars.
NOBODY will deal with the $15 trillion Ntl. Debt.
NOBODY will insure environmental responsibility
NOBODY addresses how unsafe Fracking is.
NOBODY will insure Wall Street traders will not be able to squander billions.

I could go on......
but you get the gist.

Dada said...

Anonymous & Fran: Agree with both of your assessments. Sadly. And, yes Fran, the list of things nobody will do is pretty much endless.