Saturday, September 25, 2010

On the road to Taos: Stopping in San Antonio, NM for a green chile cheese burger and a hot dog.

"Would you mind if I just made a general announcement to the whole restaurant instead?" was Mrs. Dada's question after the waitress suggested she visit each table of hungry lunchtime diners there, seeking to taste firsthand the reputation of a world renown green chile cheeseburger.

"Yes, that will be fine," the waitress consented.

Meanwhile, outside Manny's Buckhorn Tavern, the parking lot's asphalt was absorbing the mid-day heat as its overflow cache of cars played catch with the sun's rays, bouncing them between their metallic surfaces in an increasingly frantic game of hot potato. I was sitting in one of those cars, attention focused on a black topped Colorado convertible with windows rolled tight, waiting for Mrs. Dada's return. Fortunately, she had left me some water to drink.

Back inside, Mrs. Dada located a central spot in the Buckhorn from which to launch her message to all present. "Excuse me," she began, "but someone here left their dog in a car outside with its windows rolled up." She continued, explaining, for travelers unaccustomed to the fierce heat of the desert, that could mean a sudden end to a beloved pet.

Moments later in my rear view mirror, I watched as a lone man exited the Buckhorn, heading toward the black-topped Colorado convertible. Next followed Mrs.Dada shortly behind him. She had just finished a brief 'conversation' with the female companion of the man enroute to his sealed convertible.

"I left the windows down," the woman said, perhaps more to save face than dog. "Besides, I left him some water," she added.

Same as Mrs. Dada had done for me. Too bad they didn't leave the engine running with the air conditioner on too. Just like I had been enjoying while waiting for my master to return.


xandtrek said...

Mrs. Dada is my hero.

D.K. Raed said...

OMG a black car, windows rolled up, sitting in the sun? There was no time to waste ... and fortunately Mrs D wasted no time!

Every year, every summer, thoughtless people who obviously love their pets enough to travel with them, think nothing of leaving them to suffer horrible brain damage or blood-boiling death.

This pooch was one of the luckier ones ... only because the Dada's took action. A scary close call ... what if you'd decided to pass on the green chili cheese burger that day ...

Dada said...

xandtrek: Mine too!

D.K.: We'da had one very well done hot dog!

BTW, I've revised the last paragraph (for the better?) since either of you read it.

D.K. Raed said...

waiting for your "master"? ... did you get a pat on the head and scritch behind the ears? (HAH, you probably thought I'd go straight to a wagging-your-tail comment, but as our new pup has taught me, there is such a thing as a too vigorous wag, and I have the leg bruises to prove it) ...

oh I also see there's a new delivery vehicle in your headliner ... direct doorstop delivery of dada?