Sunday, August 08, 2010

Editor Sam meets his maker

Sammy Cincos attended Saturday's Humane Society mural unveiling where he "met his maker," terrific artist and muralist Stephanie Conroy.

Held in conjunction with the Humane Society's annual fund raising telethon, I'm still having to convince Sam his contribution to the very successful fund raiser was but a small part of -- not ALL of -- the over $110,000 raised by this event! 


Congratulations to our HS's director, Betty Hoover and the El Paso community, for a most successful effort on behalf of the many dogs and cats in need of homes!!

Sam (and Dada) with Stephanie Conroy after the unveiling of her
Humane Society mural. (Sam was very pleased with his placement
in the art work among all the wonderful dogs and cats depicted --
right in the center! ~photos by Mrs. Dada)

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D.K. Raed said...

Sam is in good company, both on the wall and in the flesh.

I am absolutely positive he was a major factor in the fund raising success. Congrats!

Meanwhile, we continue our shelter search. Turns out Little Benny has Luxating Patellas (two). After the painful knee surgeries we endured with Clyde, we had to pass (and feel very guilty about doing so).