Monday, July 05, 2010


"Soaked and dying!" Oil "spill" second thoughts graphic my sixth sense told me 
 to make on the  third for the Fourth but not post til the official holiday, the fifth. 


In the WTF! category:

On  the Gulf: From the San Francisco Chronicle's website, National Incident Commander Thad Allen "has issued a blanket order that bans anyone from getting close to any spill clean up site, boom site, areas where there are clean up workers or any other oil disaster related area or persons effectively shutting down the first amendment rights of the media. The zone of exclusion is 65 feet. There was rumor that Coast Guard bosses wanted to impose a 300 feet exclusion zone but later relented to a 65 feet no trespass and exclusion zone."

Dada would just like to calm those few Americans still paying attention who may get upset over the SF Chronicle's hyperbolic claim of your First Amendment right's erosion:  Fretting is so unnecessary!

Please -- do not get all snippy over this. The fact that your government, via its National Guard bosses, willingly relented on their original rumored demand for a 300 foot ban shows their capacity to compromise. That's because, when said and done, the government did return 235 feet of the eroding amendment's guarantee to all Americans! 

One warning, however: to avoid violating your right under this amendment (and that could include bloggers writing or posting photos): Be sure to stay at least 65' -- 65' 6" is probably better -- from a dead sea turtle to safely avoid a Class D Felony, $40,000 fine and 6 months to life in Guantánamo.

CHILL OUT -- It's not creeping fascism (maybe?)! The government seizure of the first 65' away from our freedom to access oil spill areas may have been initiated because of the findings of Texas A&M oceanographer, John Kessler, who says the BP Gulf spill is 40% methane gas (versus the 5% of more normal oil deposits) and, as a result, methane concentrations as much as one million times normal background levels have been detected in some areas.

Hence, in an effort to prevent a mass panic, Washington may be simply trying to limit our exposure to scenes just too grizzly for public consumption. Say, like oil workers, clean-up crews or ordinary Gulf citizens who accidentally step into an undetectable, highly explosive, methane gas cloud while smoking.

Or our government may be trying to protect us from the worst case scenario, a tsunami and/or massive nuclear-like detonation that could actually trigger an extinction event. Sixty-five feet obviously won't save you, but a total free press news black-out might spare you from suspecting the worst, as the following History Channel video on methane explosion mega disasters explains.   

(Or "Goodbye New Orleans and/or Gulfport, Biloxi, Mobile, Pensacola, etc.!") 


Happy Fourth everybody! 

(Oh, that's like so yesterday, huh?)




Fran said...

And to think I was called pessimistic yesterday-- these scientist guys make me look like Suzy Sunshine!
I am fuming mad about the media ban- which specifically includes bloggers in the exclusion.
A fricking FELONY crime?

My head is about to explode like those methane pockets. They are not doing this for safety-- hell you see photos in Florida where people wearing haz mat protective gear picking up oil from the beach while kids swim in the toxic water.

I was already really pissed off about the chemical dispersant & how lame the EPA has been, but now the Coast Guard doing a media ban?
This is more like a bad Sci Fi script than "real life".
I am livid.

They may have killed the Gulf of Mexico environment & perhaps 1/3 of the Earth's water-- but they are not killing the Constitution/Bill of Rights as well .

Border Explorer said...

Capitalism reigns. Environment certainly is in a subservient position. And, we learn, so are fundamental citizen rights.

Remember the Bush administration allowing Michael Chertoff (not even an elected official) dissolve 20 years of hard-won environmental legislation with the stroke of a pen so he could build the border wall?