Friday, July 16, 2010

Cometh the Fall.....

Dada note: As we approach another "election season," the two sides of the same party will once again vie for control of our Congress. With the aid of  mainstream media, many Americans will be passionately distracted by or involved in the contests of who will win them, who will engineer us down the final stretch of track to our ultimate train wreck. 

Fresh pig's faces in the same old lipstick. All in the guise of  "change."

But as 2012 approaches, Dada's psyche is feeling the weight of impending doom. It's not just the mysterious Maya and their ominous damn calendar I have  to thank. Much of the  credit must be given to our White House and its other governmental branches languishing in total corruption or ineptness with any number of extreme catastrophes looming as a result of their governance over such things. Little things like our impending total economic and environmental collapse, World War III, etc.

As the American Empire fades toward its final flame-out, then sinks beneath the horizon of history, I've decided (in the absence of an asteroid, solar suicide, shifting axis, nuclear winter from an exploding Yellowstone or super bug virus) to plead our case for mercy to those succeeding us:

Open letter to our old enemies and new friends:

To Israel:  Please understand why we had to cut back our blind support of your apartheid policy against Palestinians and your manic obsession to blow Iran off  the face of the Earth. Since our little Persian Gulf fiasco in support of your war on Iran that cost our navy the majority of one carrier group, and with the resulting shut down of all oil supplies passing through the Strait of Hormuz that supplied the world's most formidable (now energy parched) naval, air and military land forces, we've had to drastically scale back our global dominance ambitions, to include your U.S. military aid subsidies.

To Cuba (and Venezuela): Please -- PLEASE! Don't get discouraged because of our seeming belligerence to your generous offers of medical supplies and doctors for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina or your discounted heating oil to New Englanders in the winter of '05-06. Don't think we didn't appreciate your offers of help. Being America, it was a pride thing (but, truthfully, we could have really used it!). 

But you can both play very significant roles in easing the shock of our slide into the Third World by continuing your offers of aid and a moral compass (until we can relocate our lost one) in support of the onslaught of our ongoing/upcoming catastrophes. Our Empire's global domination aspirations really exhausted our domestic quality of life and standard of living to the point it all broke down. So, be patient, we need you! You can teach us how to live better with less.

To China: With your impending economic and military superiority after you cut our purse strings, rather  than succumb to the temptation to blow the shit out of us because of the now worthless IOUs that financed our follies which you were left holding, remember America once dominated global manufacturing but chose, as the empire we were, instead, to farm out to you the manufacturing base that once made us strong. Growing our profits while you grew the world's biggest industrial mega-state. Mostly because of your cheap slave labor wages. All we ask is you return the favor. We are a nation now in desperate need of jobs, i.e., trust us when we say, we "Will work for food!"

And to our old World War II ally and cold war buddy, Russia. Please know our president, Ronald Reagan, was a wee tad demented and really just kidding when taking credit for bankrupting your Soviet Union, for "tearing down that wall," for labeling you as that "Evil Empire." He was just joking. After all, didn't we follow in your Afghan footsteps to the place where empires go to die? Doesn't our brotherhood in that same club count for something? (Oh, and now that our space program is grounded with its future up in the air [no pun intended], if we continue to have NASA astronauts whose futures are up in the air too, could you please give 'em a lift up to the ISS once in awhile since we no longer can afford to lift them up there ourselves? [National poverty can be such a bitch, huh?])
"This painting (circa 1872) by John Gast called American Progress, is an allegorical representation
of the modernization of the new west. Here Columbia, intended as a personification of the United States,
leads civilization westward with American settlers, stringing telegraph wire as she travels; she holds a
school book. The different economic activities of the pioneers are highlighted and, especially, the changing
forms of transportation. The Native Americans and wild animals flee." (Atttribute: Wikipedia)

And finally, to our fine, fine neighbors to the south, our Mexican brothers and sisters:  Listen, we were just kidding with you, too, in our war against you in 1846. President Polk had, under pressure from special interests, succumbed to the concept that we had some kind of divine right or manifest destiny that could only be satisfied by expropriating California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and part of Wyoming from you by provoking you into a war. We hope in your resumption of the control over those lands, you think kindly of us, remembering  when we took them from you we allowed Mexican citizens to stay. We ask that you consider that and not deport Americans of  those former U.S. states to places like Kansas and South Dakota which are in extreme states of economic crises/collapse themselves. 

Thank you for your considerations in these most difficult of times. With fondest of feelings to all our new (and former) dear friends from the new United States of America -- now smaller, sleeker, still broke and impoverished, but using far less oil now (because we have no other damn choice!).


Fran said...

Oh that list of apologies can & should go on & on.
As for the elections it's hard to grasp the gist of the Vote for me to have less government philosophy.

They all want less, until the shit hits the fan.... then they scream for more.

Dada said...

Fran: Couldn't agree more. There once was a study that revealed when people begin to believe massive doses of disinformation they are fed, they have the wonderful capacity to distrust and demonize everybody else in the DI matrix.
They can become as irrational as hospitalized paranoids and schizophrenics (Grin, of course, we KNOW this isn't happening to us, but it may explain "What's the Matter with Kansas," when people actually vote against their own best interests.

Anyway, to go along with that, I just read a 7/14/10 article from the Boston Globe entitled "How Facts Backfire" over on ICH.

It's gist: "...researchers at the University of Michigan found that when misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger."

But then, we already KNEW that, didn't we? ~grin

D.K. Raed said...

amen ... meet the new boss, same as the old boss. we were certainly due a bitch-slap of humility, but just didn't expect it to hurt so much.

tozca sudirman said...
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