Thursday, June 10, 2010


Big Blue Marble - 30 minute television series for children that ran from 1974 to 1983:

Big Brown Blunder - 30 minute television series updated for all children who grew up watching "The Big Blue Marble" in the late 70's - early 80's. "Big Brown Blunder" ran from Fall, 2010 to December 21, 2012 (when everything suddenly went black):


Fran said...

Oooh! Sad but true.
I can;t believe Gulf coast politicians are both demanding the government fix this at once, AND do NOT want a moratorium on offshore drilling.

Of course they suck on the teet of big oil money.... but is there not some kind of international responsibility here?

It's heartbreaking to see the carnage of wildlife & people's lives. Even more strange these Drill Baby Drill maniacs still don;t see the light!

PS ~ How bout those new blogger templates!
I can't yet decide.... so many choices...
Your blog is lookin' good.

D.K. Raed said...

new blogger templates, fran? oooh, I will have to look. maybe they'll tempt me back to posting. maybe.

are you getting this big ole summer thunderstorm right now, dada? it just snuck up out of nowhere, electrifying the sky and dropping buckets of rain and wind.

had to rush Clyde outside. sure did focus his mind to do his business fast! wow ... who knew he could still move so quickly ...

Anonymous said...

NOTE: Following comment is from Dada. Apparently I'm unable to enter comments under my own ID until remedied!

Fran: It's all so nuts! BP, the gov't, the drill baby drillers. Were I not finding plenty of insanities to snack on between meals, I would swear I was methodically being poisoned by Mrs. Dada, outside the MSM sources and fellow bloggers with a daily diet of incredibly bad news they share with me.

I needn't give examples, you all have plenty of your own. But it leaves me wondering, in what ways, I am not even aware, am I owned by special interests, persuaded by endless propaganda, swayed by half-truths and outright lies?

Aw well, at least we know from our reliable intel sources Iran is less than 3 yrs. from going nukulear. (Our shorelines aren't the only sites of where grease is being generously applied (but I digress, sorry).

Re the the blogger templates: Since I'm not blogging much these days, I have time to think about a temporary sanctuary for the better blogs from Dada's over the past 5 years. A "suppository" - if you will - of the more timeless, still relevant Dada pieces sans the Cheney, Bush, Condi, Obama, etc.,etc., et. al. political manure long since buried 'neath the new crap being added daily.

With apologies if that concept may sound immodest, but some of my blog thoughts from the past 5 years are my children (having had none in real life, save for a GREAT, amazing, run of incredible dogs!).

Anyway, I'd intended to give this other site I'm contemplating (perhaps ala "The Best of....") the benefit of my template experimentations. But somehow I involved myself using Dada's. And while it needs tweaking, I like the new look, and blogger made the move painless.

Deke: No, we didn't get any summer thunderstorm from your latest, although last Sunday we did enjoy our first real hint of summer when it was 110 degrees. Your Clyde episodes reminded me of our greys and their incredible increasing fears of storms they shared and cultivated between 'em. (To the point where Pony dug a hole in the wall to wall carpet -- we replaced with tile a few years back.)

Sam is far far better, but still prefers to pee sans the background of lightning claps/rolling thunders.

BTW, while I know neither you nor Fran are on Facebook, I tried to upload the video that inspired my "Always Wear Protection" blog, but it just quit in the middle of a rather long U/L process so that friends were spared that experience.

If you're still reading here Fran, Deke was "beneficiary" of one of My and Sam's short videos. It's really best I don't share these.

D.K. Raed said...

fyi dada, another big t-storm wiped my computer last night, this time for good. kablooey! best to give it a decent burial at this point. ancient relatives are arriving tomorrow so I expect to be offline for weeks. in the meantime, i'll try to email u from ek's lap(top).

fortunately I don't have any timeless blogs to suppository (HAR!), just a lot of biz stuff I need to rescue. we're considering another dell desktop. dunno.

Fran said...

I read a blog post saying something to the effect it's not Obama's fault- re the oil spill.
Although he personally did not make those final fatal choices the BP honchos did-- he did tout the virtues of safe & clean coal, oil & nuclear power. His admin did approve the permit... of drilling that had "never before been done in waters this deep"- now all we hear about is excuses prefaced with that line..... we are going to try the _________ method, although it's "never before been done in waters this deep".

My final comment to that dilemma is it never should be done again in waters that deep.

Although it may seem obsessive to track the BP spill, this is not a flash in the pan event & may in fact taint the entire Gulf Stream, fouling huge amounts of the planet. But what irks me so is the methods of clean up....
just torch of the oil, sending black clouds of toxic billowing smoke in the atmoshphere...
wiping it's hands, declaring "all clean"....
and worse the chemical dispersants.... essentially sweeping the oily goo under the surface and increasing it's toxicity.
Doom & gloomish as it is, we need to pay attention & we need to make/demand serious changes as a result.