Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dada enjoys a piece of great irony!

The very day El Paso celebrated its designation as one of the nation's ten All American Cities (Mayor John Cook viewing the cake for the occasion in photo below)......
...El Paso's City Hall was struck seven times by gunshots, one of which penetrated the ninth floor office of the city's Assistant City Manager!

Dada feels secure that when  the bullets from El Paso's City Hall are recovered, it will be shown they were manufactured in the United States, proving beyond all reasonable doubt they were fired from Mexico! 
 (click to enlarge)

On lookers in Mexico looking toward the El Paso City Hall 1/2 mile to the east. (white building with a red steeple in front of it, left of center in above photo -- er, ahm, it's the building with the little  white 'hand' on its roof, or, ah, "How the hell did that get in there??!!).

According to this morning's El Paso Times, "El Paso police said the time the gunshots hit City Hall coincides with a shooting in west Juarez on Bernardo  Norzagaray Boulevard, which runs parallel to the Rio Grande."


D.K. Raed said...

Certainly an "All-American" display of gunpower, for sure!

I'm not sure of the geography. Could bullets fired from W. Juarez reach EP City Hall?

Dada said...

Deke: Absolutely, "it's just a stone's throw!"

You know what's really weird? Earlier in the day, while waiting to drive Mrs. Dada home after her annual appt. w/eye doctor (dilated eyes), I decided to walk and take vids of El Paso from the medical hill overlooking downtown.

Viewing it later, I asked, "Is that the City Hall?" of the video we were seeing. It was then thru Google street views we learned THE FRONT of CH is the backside we've all these years thought was the front!

We were discovering this about the very exact time shots were being fired into the front side from over the border!

Isn't that just like "Laurie's Sweater"? Yes, "strange things happen in this world!"