Saturday, December 26, 2009

Buy food or do hard time?

Leah Bolger of Corvallis, OR, is a tireless activist against our unending wars and other social issues impacting the lives of all Americans. She walks the walk. Sometimes, however, her Facebook comments are seasoned with a sharp hint of welcome sarcasm. It provides readers a chuckle as respite from the seriousness of an issue. Here's her most recent example:

Solution to hunger: Pass a mandate requiring everyone to buy food.

Well, gee, that was so simple, why didn't more of us think of that? When I told Leah I would have to blog her idea over on Dada's, she said, "...I can't take total credit. I actually got the idea from Obama himself, who while campaigning, said that if mandates were the answer, then they could end homelessness by mandating that everyone buy a house."

So, okay, mandating certain actions of citizens as solution to a problem like Obama's homeless suggestion or Leah's hunger problem idea are not really practical. Why then didn't our congress "get it" when solving the health situation that somewhere between 47-60 million uninsured Americans (or is it now over 70 million in this economy, estimates vary) are now enjoying?

Maybe we should give Congress' requirement idea for all to buy health insurance (or face "penalties") a chance to work. Who knows, if it does, maybe we'll end hunger and homelessness next?


Fran said...

They should start building more jails, because that will solve multiple problems by providing....

Food, Housing, & medical care.

Only in America!

Dada said...

Yes, this is a wonderful opportunity for capitalist recovery. Food, shelter and medical care for those who can't afford it and a new economic boom for such industries as prisons, health care, pharmaceuticals, privatized service industries such as food and laundry services providing for millions of prisoners, formerly insured, formerly free, not to mention the jobs in these industries (at minimum wage, of course.)