Saturday, October 03, 2009

We wouldn't be getting "greased" would we?

"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true."
--Henry Kissinger

Answer to today's question, "Are we being greased?"
Well, of course we are!

Today's El Paso Times editorial page political cartoons

This one with the caption "Pinukechio"

I sometimes wonder if Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei or President Ahmadinejad ever awake in the middle of the night in the presence of the ghost of Saddam Hussein? And perhaps, trying to get back to their slumbers, they toss and turn, maybe sweat a little or, worse, feel their breaths shorten, becoming shallower from the ever tightening noose of a hangman's rope about their necks. I suppose that's possible when you get on America's *short shit list.*

Saddam Hussein knows. Inspections for, and denial of his possession of, any WMD's or training camps in his country for al-Qaeda terrorists could not save his neck. "It's not a matter of what's true" as Henry Kissinger so eloquently put it. World opinion was being greased by the unyielding Bush/Cheney truth. Even if they had to make it up. It was "what is perceived to be true" that had to be constructed. And it was, relentlessly. After all, there was an agenda already written that had to be materialized.


xandtrek said...

This blog seems to be getting awfully political. I thought you swore off the stuff.

Dada said...

Ah, yeh, I guess so. I really am winding down, it's, it's just that I haven't finished writing my very last political blog yet. (These minor distractions from day to day, like today's blog keep popping up, distracting me.)

But I am sometimes amused how my blog (like today) will shadow this new blog (new to me), A Bordello Pianist, originating in Las Cruces. Hmm, some days tapping into the same muse's mind, indeed!

D.K. Raed said...

greased and fleeced.

Dada said...

Well, it's never my intention to quote in its entirety articles of much more worth than anything I say here at Dada's. However, that said, there is an excellent delineation of 10 widely health myths about Iran by ill-informed, media fed dumbshit Americans that will likely have them applauding some future attack on Iran by Israel or its puppet, the United States.

It's over at Salon, which if you're reading it here, at Dada's, in the Dada's Dally comment section is buried in the Mesozoic Era about 200+ million years (in geologic time) beneath present day Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

So, "Let's blow the shit outta the aggressive, dangerous muther f*ckers, yea!"


D.K. Raed said...

Thanks for the link! I agreed with most everything Juan Cole @ Salon pointed out.

However, Iran's No First Strike "Doctrine" does not impress me (but then, neither have any of our own firmly stated doctrines impressed me after Bush, abetted by a crap-swallowing congress, decided a preemptive war would be tasty). I will continue to trust Iran's people far more than their leaders ... until I start seeing teabags hanging off their headscarves.

In the end, if we are being greased into another war, once again I think it is far more a matter of enriching haliburton or xe's coffers than anything else. too bad the war profiteers can't just fleece us directly. at least that way, less people would have to be bombed and killed. maybe.