Friday, September 04, 2009

"The hat oft proclaims the man!"

My latest blog profile photo was inspired by a Christmas present I received just this past Saturday. It was a hat from the very talented and enterprising El Paso artist, Wendy Reyes. She brought it back (along with another for Mrs. Dada) from her trip to Guadalajara last December.

It's a very cool hat and I now feel some obligation to "earn" the air of distinctiveness it lends. Passing strangers in museums or galleries might see the hat and think there's an artist or something under it. I'll have to work on that.

For the few readers who may remember and those who don't know, I met Wendy after blogging about a Chalk the Block event put on at the El Paso Museum of Art a year ago June. Wendy saw my blog and responded,

"Hello! This is a very nice review!! I really appreciate you liking my work! I am the girl that painted "St. Bartolomeo" .... My name is Wendy Reyes, and I am a local 18 year old artist."

Actually, Wendy understated her talent. Having had opportunities to view Wendy's work and the success she has had with it these past 15 months, I believe Wendy is the premiere young artist in El Paso. Next weekend is the second Chalk the Block and I hope to attend and write about it afterward.

I'll try to do an even better job of covering Chalk the Block this year. After all, I have new credentials to live up to now. My cool new hat!


Fran said...

The Dada's put a lid on it.
Ohh! Looking forward to the next round of the chalk art festival.....the last one was very impressive.
clear why they DON'T have that event in Western Oregon.... it rains!!!!

Dada said...

Yeh, I guess it just wouldn't work there, huh? Unless, UNLESS (!), it was done indoors.

Actually Fran, I think of this as a kind of desert adaptation to the beautiful beach sand sculptures we often encounter on the Oregon coast, something I always look forward to when there.

(BTW, I seem to recall a long ago photo of Mr. Ramblings. He was decked out in a [similar?] very cool hat.)