Friday, September 11, 2009

Every so often it's good to test your rights.

As we are learning from recent town hall meetings of the past month, the 2nd Amendment (freedom to bear arms) is apparently far better protected than the 1st (freedom of speech).

While individuals have been thrown out of public meetings for wearing a shirt with 'the wrong message' on it and demonstrators are often restricted to designated "free speech zones" out of earshot of their message's intended recipient, such is not the case when wearing a weapon to a public demonstration.

"There's no law against it," has been the response of law enforcement when citizens express alarm at the presence of such individuals publicly. As a result, Dada would like to suggest those weapons that disturb others when spotted in crowds on individuals intending to intimidate everyone present be recognized for what they really are: instruments of Male Enhancement.

Being as how most communities have strict laws against displaying one's sexuality so brazenly in the open, anyone caught doing so in crowds could then be removed from the situation for the public obscenity of exposing themselves to others. They could then be detained, fined, locked up, or whatever until the event is over and everyone has safetly disbanded.

Of course, while carrying weapons in crowds like this has its drawbacks, i.e., it makes their possessors look like pea-brains, I guess that's the trade-off for the chance to show everyone else you're a bigger prick than they are.


Helen said...

Great post.

AArdvarker said...

This made me laugh so hard I had to call my gun-owning hubby in to share..he loved it. Great concept, public obscenity!!

xandtrek said...

I made the mistake of "friending' my nephew -- educated at home by my born-again christian conservative brother and his wife. I went on his photo albums just to see what he was up to, and low and behold it was all about the guns -- all about the automatic weapons -- all about standing up to the evil heathens (I'm one of those). Scary when its in your own family.