Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dada's quote of the day -- from Dada.

Prostitute #37 - Max Baucus, aka "Maxine."
Johns, please note: During his leadership of a senate hearing on health care
reform, after ordering the chamber cleared and in recess
until repeated
demonstrators in favor of a "single payer" op
tion could be removed, was over-
heard to say, "We need more cops!" then laughing. This, suggests this whore is
working under the protection of law enforcement.

"In health care, private insurance with a public option is a lot like having sex and retaining your virginity. That is, while both are possible, I suppose, both are better if had at the exclusion of the other. Hence, as with health care reform, your virginity is only completely sacrificed if you allow yourself to be totally screwed. (And who better to lose your virginity to than a professional whore, right? Max Baucus, er, "Maxine" - sorry, may just fit your bill! Of course your screwing will cost you a helluva lot more if you choose this option!)

"Lesson: Always be careful the whore you chose to bed with."

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D.K. Raed said...

lipstick on a health whore pig!