Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Click it or ticket" - freeway sign reminder of state law all auto passengers must wear a seatbelt

The Irony

In today's paper we learn a passenger was injured when an SUV driven by her husband blew a tire, went out of control, left the interstate and rolled several times.

And who was this woman who according to this morning's newspaper story chose to ignore state law by not wearing a seat belt in the SUV? She's a local District Court Judge.

Dada finds it ironic that one who passes judgments in cases brought before her in her courtroom apparently, when entering a motor vehicle, throws good judgment 'out-the-window'. Which, coincidentally, is exactly where she was thrown, too, yesterday as her SUV tumbled out of control.

The large cuts on the District Court Judge's head and other bruises she suffered could have been far worse. After being airlifted to a medical center, she was later released, thankfully okay.

Dada hopes this accident has given our judge some better judgment or, at the very least, more respect for the laws she is entrusted to enforce.


a ball of Light said...

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i wonder if this bit of judicial injudiciousness would be grounds for demanding automatic recusal on seatbelt infractions or any other lapse of judgement case... for extreme conflict of interest and nasty scars

Dada said...

Sorry about the word verification (nice synchronicity)...I put it up this morning whilst unable to delete some spam bullshit.

Re: Grounds for recusal?

Well, 8 or 9 years ago I would have said with resound, "YES!" but now I realize I live in America, a land of "extreme conflict of interest and nasty scars."

Fran said...

In culinary terms~
The judge hath eaten crow & follows up with humble pie.