Friday, September 18, 2009

Avoiding Germans on Planes (and other loose ends)

5 Tips on How to Avoid Germans on Planes

Of course, I was immediately drawn to the article with this headline. Only after reading its first paragraph, however, did I realize I'd misread the headline "5 Tips on How to Avoid Germs on Planes." (with apologies to all my good German friends -- it was an article about reducing one's odds of contracting the N1H1 flu virus if traveling by air this fall)

Juarez drug war stats update.

More than 180 homicides have occurred in Juárez so far this month. This is an exciting statistic because it puts our sister city on a pace to break August's record setting homicide total of 300! I'm not Favreing (lying to) you!

If the violence continues to escalate, each new month will surpass the all-time deadliest record of the month before! Which is akin to each game Brett Favre steps on the football field to play, NFL record books must be revised.

Will it be a Revolution? Civil War? (Uncivil War?)

I'm always confused by whether it will be a civil war or revolution that ignites in this country next year. Hence, I've taken the liberty of coining a new term. In that Americans will be warring against each other and fighting their government all at the same time, how about calling it The Civilutionary War?

As a result, Mrs. Dada and I are driving up to the High Desert Brewing Company in Las Cruces soon to discuss the idea of starting a pool. (Any thing for a chance to share a couple pints of IPA ale with friends, right?) For $10 a chance, you can draw one of the 50 chances, each representing a state in which the very first shots of the Civilutionary War might be fired. That will give the winner a tidy sum of $500 with which to buy ammo. (That is, assuming they can find someone still selling any.)

And now, a little prep video for our upcoming Civilutionary War.

Finally, for something a little lighter and whole lot more fun....

Chalk the Block "Oh, oh!"

The Second Annual Chalk the Block festivities kick off from 5-10 p.m. this evening. Reading over the list of activities for the ongoing weekend of fun, it sounds like this year's art fest promises to be much bigger and better than last years. It resumes tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. The idea was to give artists a chance to do their work in the cooler parts of the day(s).

I hope to go down this evening, weather permitting, take some pictures and look for our friend Wendy Reyes whom we met there last year and is participating again this year. I plan to be back tomorrow morn around 6:00. I've always wanted to be downtown in the early morning's light to take a few pics. Later in the afternoon, we'll go back for the awards to the winning artists. (Hopefully the ceremony won't be emceed by Kanye West.)

The "Oh, oh!" factor? The weather calls for thunder storms later today. (We had some good ones last night.) I don't think rain would be good for sidewalk chalk art. Let us pray.


AArdvarker said...

yes! A Civilutionary War! The devolution is right on track.

Dada said...

AArdvarker: Well, as Russian Igor Panarin, 50, a former KGB analyst, now dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s academy for future diplomats first predicted back in 1998, the US will disintegrate in 2010.

He's still optimistic this will occur, giving the probability a 55-45% chance.

I find the idea absolutely tantilizing, i.e., it will then be only a 7 min. drive to a foreign country (other than Mexico), New Mexico which, if it secedes will be the world's 2nd or third largest nuclear weaponed nation on Earth. A few more hours on the road and I can be in the newest province of Canada -- Colorado!

Indeed, exciting times.

Dada said...

I think it was from Bill Moyers or someone on his show -- "these are people with no ears, just all mouths."

Helen said...

The 912 video was so funny until I realized that these people actually believe the nonsense they speak.
I hadn't heard of the army of volunteers being as well armed as the actual army, perhaps rednecks will now be interested in volunteering? interesting concept.

xandtrek said...

You know I'm more of the "frog in hot water" camp. A slow, steady, decline -- rulings by the Supreme Court especially -- as we simmer away into a cauldron of ignorance. The rational and thinking people will slowly die off (or disappear) and the stupids will take over, not even knowing what they have lost. They will just stare at some unknown point wondering why their lives are so f*c*ed up. Of course a Civilutionary War would be so much more exciting to watch. But I don't think I'll be diving into the pool just yet.

Dada said...

Helen: Yes, scary indeed. The scariest town hall meeting locally that I missed -- as I blogged -- I was out in the parking lot searching for the bus that might reveal which nuthouse the folks inside came from. They didn't come in on a bus. Turns out those inside are my neighbors.

Around the turn of the century, our "good friend" and his son sat on our patio, drinking my beer, when he started quoting Rush Limbaugh to me. I stopped him, did NOT let him finish.

It was then I finally conceded to the idea that we may eventually reach the point when we will have to shoot each other when the bullets start to fly.

At least he doesn't come over, sit on our patio drinking my beer and try to quote radio wingnuts to me anymore. I guess that's progress.

Dada said...

xandtrek: Yes, don't dive into that pool just yet. Maybe wait til the water gets a little 'warmer'? ~grin

BTW, back in 2006 I blogged about the slow cooking of frogs, maybe because of my French lineage...frogs and Phrygian caps - that symbol of freedom to the French during their Revolution (er, one of their revolutions, I don't remember which, I should say).

But no longer blogging political stuff any more since my poli-ectomy, I've lost interest. I will backslide on that statement a time or two, however, to wrap up the former political aspects of Dada's before launching into a new direction, of which I've yet to decide...kayaking, NASCAR, stunt kiting, whatever.

What I'd really like to do is just review microbrewers and pubs but, "Alas, oh woe!", I live in a beer brewers hell, where decent ales are sometimes a gas tank (or more) apart!

Fran said...

I finally had the time to watch that vid.
Honestly, it's more like the sound track to a SOUTH PARK animation (cutting edge sarcasm), than something "real".

I love that the interviewer let them blather on, then dropped the bombshell--- Did you know Ronald Reagan had a Czar?

Why they wuz flabbergasted.

Pisses me off Glen Beck whipped up this fake frenzy. Like a damned herd of sheep.

D.K. Raed said...

I know, I am late to this ... but Fran told me I needed to see the vid you posted, and I'm glad I did. Wow, did those people leave their brains at home, or what! Yet they are so forceful in their convictions! Very sad to see very young kids parroting the B.S. Glenn Beck can KMA. Or as I just told Fran, UCK ECK!

Dada said...

D.K. - I had to laugh at the kid who hasn't yet paid taxes (save on his overpriced cigarettes he reimbursed some adult to buy for him) that it's "Taxes!" Oh crap, spare me!

But more, I feel anguish for those who believe what they're espousing as truth and despise those who fed it to 'em.

I fear "there must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief," is at an impasse. (A very serious one.)

D.K. Raed said...

not to mention to the young tax-concerned teen, income taxes have NOT been raised (yet)! the Bush tax cut for the wealthy is due to sunset at the end of 2010. Beck-brains can call it an obama tax hike, but congress in its infinite wisdom set that sunset date back when bush tried to make it permanent ... one of the few times they told him, nuh-uh, somethin don't seem right bout that idea.

if I remember correctly, the joker and thief agreed that "the hour is getting late" ... too late to talk any sense to the 'baggin beck heads anyway (though the questioner in your vid did an admirable job trying to bring facts to the clueless, which to my amazement was not greeted with pitchforks but more like a hunnh-where'd-you-hear-that attitude).