Friday, August 21, 2009

"Living" the perfect train wreck

Sometimes one experiences the realization they're in a situation, like inside a rail car of a runaway train, racing toward their final demise because the brakeman has 'jumped ship' and the engineer hasn't the experience or juevos to change anything, be it slowing its increasing speed or direction in which all on board are headed. In that final moment you concede to the only choice you have...

Security camera photo shot of passenger 1/2 second before fatal
crash. A Yale linguist studying this man's final word said while
the passenger didn't get to finish it, it
definitely started with the
letter "S".

...and experience the perfect train wreck!


D.K. Raed said...

Does it help, or make it worse, to know we're all on that same ride with you?

ps, EK & I have a standing joke about the final word. We have decided it starts with "F"!

Dada said...

D.K. - reading your comment, I'm just blown away. What a synchronicity! My final word begins with an "F" too. Hmmm, wonder what yours is?

D.K. Raed said...

"Fuggedaboudit"?!? naaaahh ....

The only REAL question is if the word following the "F" word, the one that there is probably no time to verbalize, is "me" or "you" ... because it is VERY important to know the context, the intention of the person on the way out ... to know if they are more angry at themselves or the world.

This is yet another reason why we all need Advance Directives!

Border Explorer said...

Ha, D.K.--good one. At least we can be looking ahead on ONE area related to our own demise: the event and the aftermath.

You know, Dada, Mr. B.E. occasionally refers to the impending train bearing down on the unaware folk sitting on the tracks. It is hard for the "prophet" who can see this reality to figure out how to tell the people on the tracks about the problem when they don't seem to believe it.

a ball of Light said...

sometimes it seems all that can be done, BE, is to paint the best picture you can of the train bearing down and them sitting on the tracks... and set it where they will see it. and then step away from the train wreck
area. it may help a few

Dada said...

D.K. Perhaps a good advance directive would be: "Get up off the tracks!"

B.E., who said, "At least we can be looking ahead on ONE area related to our own demise: the event and the aftermath." I liked that.

Hopefully, if we're really very lucky, we can -- as abol suggests -- step back far enough to be mere spectators to the tragedy. After all, there's going to be great need for help in the very messy aftermath's clean-up.

"Somebody's gotta do it."