Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The sixth annual Border Security Conference is being held on the UTEP campus and foremost in everyone's mind: "Where can I go pee?"

It's a big deal, the two day annual Border Security Conference being held here. About 600 people, some of them important people types are present. Folks like the University's President, U.S. Representative Silvestre Reyes, Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary, U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy Director, etc. Fortunately, I don't think Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who is scheduled to speak today, was here yet.

See, arriving at the UTEP campus yesterday afternoon for my final class on Latin America, I discovered there was no water to the building. Hence, no water fountains, no restrooms. Apparently, in the process of ongoing campus construction, water was accidentally cut off to a number of buildings. I can't confirm for a fact water was also cut to the Undergraduate Learning Center, site of conference, but I was told by the Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning that it, too, was also affected.

Dada thinks it ironic a group of high level officials gathered to discuss the flow of drugs into the country had to worry about the flow of other things as well. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways I guess.

(NOTE: By the end of my hour and a half class, it was happily noted everything was flowing freely again. Water, bladders and drugs -- oh, the latter of which, actually, never
has been successfully cut off.)

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Anonymous said...

See- now that border fence has a useful purpose....