Friday, July 24, 2009

A word of thanks...

Dada and Editor, Sam, enjoying a blog break on the patio with an IPA
in a new "HOP Valley" ale glass received in the mail Thursday along
with a bottle of Ninkasi IPA
from family in Eugene, OR. This day we
contemplated the Ninkasi before chilling and serving it another day.

Thanks for the birthday wishes from all, either here, via e-mails or on Facebook. Wednesday was a nice, relaxing birthday at home. In fact, it's been a very nice week, beginning with a preambulary Italian birthday dinner gathering with friends on Sunday and a number of great phone visits with family and friends during the week.

And then there came the arrival of a package from family in Eugene, OR, yesterday, parts of which Sam and I are shown enjoying above. As Mrs. Dada has advocated for years, one shouldn't restrict celebrating a birthday to just one day a year. One should dedicate the entire month of one's birth to celebrating. Hence, heeding her advice, I still have another week of birthdays, one of which may be spent (where else?) in the High Desert Brewing Company in Las Cruces, NM.

After this week, I can see where apathy can be contagious. Forgetting about the Barrack O-bomb-a wars, forgoing care for health care or worrying about the economy can greatly reduce tensions. Maybe there IS something to be said for the nation's
somnambulistic citizenry?


D.K. Raed said...

What a great pic! although ... sam looks a bit too interested in that liquid ... maybe a teensy sip couldn't hurt him?

EK will be so happy to hear of the month-of-birthdays concept since his is tomorrow. I just don't know if I'm up to all those wishes. Drat, this is all Mrs D's fault!

Dada said...

D.K. OMG! How lame is this? A belated "very happy birthday" to E.K. Well, I would be-lated, save for Mrs. Dada's proclamation the entire month of one's birth is the proper time for celebration.

"Whew!" So I still made it in time, what with 5 more days remaining for Mr. E.K. to celebrate! Yay! Again, a very happy birthday. Hope it was a great one. (Er, whoops, "is" a great one.)

Oh, and BTW, Sam did partake a wee tad of the ale.