Thursday, July 09, 2009

Image of the Day

Full 3 1/2 minute YouTube video is here

I sometimes strongly suspect species Homo sapiens is suicidal at most; or is a cruel, hateful, indifferent, and merciless horde of continuously warring tribes at the least.

Actually, my optimism as expressed above is perhaps being tempered by the news (as I type) that the U.S. Marine invasion of Afghanistan will be their biggest invasion of any nation since Vietnam (including Reagan's October, 1983, invasion of tiny Grenada which he afterward said gave the U.S. military the desperate redemption it needed from our "post-Vietnam demoralization.")

So I am posting this "Image of the Day" above of president Obama on Mt. Rushmore (who is presently unleashing his military muscle on Afghanistan, perhaps in some sort of "post-Grenadian invasion elation redemption" as a result of Reagan having kicked the shit out of that tiny island nation of 90,000 inhabitants a quarter of a century ago -- although Dada thought Iraq sufficed nicely in doing that already -- how much humbling do we need?). But I digress.

This banner was courageously unfurled yesterday by Greenpeace. If I am right about Homo sapiens and its latent suicidal lusting, to include not only our own death wish but the entire planet's, then I am optimistic about the G-8 nations and their elite power group of politicians now meeting in Italy at their annual summit. The very best humanity has to offer as representatives of us all and the future history of the Earth in their response to global warming will succeed in doing too little, too late, too slowly by agreeing to mostly disagree in favor of shorter-term, less painful strategies antithetical to a surviveable future of everyone and everything.

(Note: Dada may have already been accused of being one of "the doomsayers who continue to predict societal collapse on a daily basis" but was too dumb to realize it. I would like to apologize, but can't. That's because the evidence is just too damning at this point to convince me humanity is capable of trying to save itself until the writing has melted from the wall and embraced us all by the ankles in an intractable goo of irreversible doom that is our future. Other than that, I hope everyone has a great weekend!)


xandtrek said...

Your profile picture reminds me of someone who lives in a shack in the woods, plotting.....

Anyway, dude, just go with the flow. Mama nature will not take kindly to the destruction of her planet and she will reek vengeance. Humans won't be here long and she can get along fine without us.

PS: When I went to Mt. Rushmore I was pretty disgusted by it. I'll tell you why over a beer sometime.

D.K. Raed said...

I was as agog over the Greenpeacers efforts at Rushmore as I was over their little zodiac boats taking on the huge japanese whaling ships (among other acts of bravery over the years). They make me a bit prouder of humanity than I have any right to be.

soooo ... first you lost the beard and now you've regained it? Your follicles must be on steroids, man! Though I must say, coupled with your words here, you more resemble the God of Thanatos than Kazynski or Taliban ... at least until the next razoring and subsequent overnight sprouting.

And I know you'll think I've missed the point (which I just mistyped as pint which might have been more appropriate) of this post, but I assure I haven't.

Fran said...

Wow!!!! What a nice little outing @ Mt. Rushmore.
I too visited Mt. Rushmore.... but it was on the saddle of a bike as we did a cross country trek. The local Native American residents had a lot to say about the white man's government, Wounded Knee, and how the Mt. Rushmore monument itself is vandalism on sacred Native American land!
Oh hell!

Anyway what an adventure those folks had, doing their patriotic duty.

As for your ever changing photo...
you seemed to have gone from biblical, to Che' to Unibomber.
Maybe someday you will do an historic photo montage of the many faces of Dada???

Dada said...

Am I the only one who's never been to Mt. Rushmore? (Cross country trek on bikes??!!)

I've thought of doing just what you suggested, Fran, but since I lost painter because of computer problem, may have to put that on hold for now.

Dada said...

xandtrek: You made me curious to the point of asking here why you found Mt. "Rush" disgusting but the offer to discuss it over beer diminished such a thought. (Sounds like there's a High Desert "brewing" in the near future.)

Dada said...

Note on my comments: My first one here was posted from an iPod last eve. Writing with it feels remarkably like what I imagine chipping wheels out of stone would be entail. (That's why I'm not a teenager, I guess, thankfully. If God had intended for us to type messages with a thumb or one finger, he wouldn't have invented IBM electrics like we had back in high school early last century. ~grin)

So, D.K.: What's the pint? What's the pint of anything?