Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Adventures in Las Cruces. My "alean research" there; preataurus dynosaurs; why it's harder to lie in desert towns, & a life altering alien warning?

WHEN: Earlier this week on the last Monday of June

WHERE: Interstate 10, heading west in Las Cruces, NM

WHY: Because I spotted this extremely rare 20th Century Preataurus just off the freeway. From an earlier period in the age of dinosaurs, it was towing a 21st Century Coca Cola dispensing device.

WHAT: I took the next available exit. (So, okay, it was the exit I was gonna take anyway -- so rap my knuckles with a 12 inch ruler!)

HOW: Am I supposed to know? Call it serendipity, whatever. I was on my way to the High Desert Brewing Company to continue my ongoing research of the various levels of consciousness. I have no idea how these things happen (or why), but I suppose, to some degree, one could say my study began early this day with this discovery, hence,

Taking the Avenida de Mesilla exit, I found this Preataurus wasn't alone. It was one of a small flock of them (see below) migrating westward apparently (if an Arizona license plate is any clue). Hungered, they must have spotted this Cracker Barrel Old Country Store they were parked outside of from the interstate and decided to stop to re-energize for their remaining flight home.

After recording images of these very rare, but beautiful birds, Mrs. Dada and I resumed our journey.

The one thing I really love about the desert and desert towns are the vistas which make it harder to lie. That is, if a husband calls home to say he's working late, he won't be home for dinner, the Mrs. can go outside and look across town to see if his car is in fact in the the office parking lot or, if not, maybe at a bar or some sleezy motel that rents rooms by the hour. You can't do that in many places, like Portland, Oregon, because all the damn trees get in the way.

It was a short drive to The Institute of Alean Consciousness Research. It's a small lab subtly located inside the High Desert Brewing Company. This is where I conduct my ongoing research recording levels of consciousness changes resulting from consumption of different ales.

Just as scientists discovered there is much information revealed about the Earth from studying geologic time periods as revealed in the strata of rocks, I have come to suspect there is much to be learned about changes in consciousness as revealed in the strata of bocks (and other good ales -- note, Budweisers, Coors and Millers do not work -- I said good ales!).

This day I decided to analyze the effects of consciousness by tracking my consumption of India PaleoAlean beers and comparing that to
the strata left inside the empty pint glasses.

Some of the Alean consciousness levels, as indicated
by the India paleoalean
strata left in this empty
pint of ale from top to bottom include:


Note: Subdivision consciousness stages not identified

I had hoped to delineate some of the characteristic consciousness patterns from these stages, but with the recent insight into a possible electro-magnetic Earth altering CME event (coronal mass ejection) sometime within the next week (7-9 July) by an anonymous Australian scientist's interpretation of alien symbols appearing in one of England's most enigmatic crop circles of this summer thus far, there are more urgent matters that need tending.

Besides, rather than release results of my alean consciousness studies prematurely, I'd prefer to return to The Institute for further research first.


Border Explorer said...

Outstanding work on this, Dada! You are on your way to a MacArthur Genius Grant, Man! Remember, I was your friend before you hit it big.

eProf2 said...

Surely, some anthropologist with grant funds will find you and pick your brain for a future lecture on Alean expressionism. Ditto BE!

Dada said...

Oh, great, just give me the big head you two!

I think the data would flow in much faster if we had at least three researchers collecting and recording it.

Keep that in mind as a future possibility, just in case the CME next week turns out to be something less than devastating.

D.K. Raed said...

so I guess prealean is followed by the stonedage?

you seem to do your best research in that HDBC lab. may there be more (much more!) research!

ps, luv those old cars. hope they're retrofitted w/AC if heading to AZ. 105 for us yesterday!