Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cindy Sheehan visited George W. Bush's neighborhood today to remind him he's a mass murderer, but...

...her reception could have been the same in any of Bush's many neighborhoods:

Marla Kilday, who lives near Bush said, "I think this is inappropriate. The man has given his eight years in office and we just want the neighborhood to be peaceful and quiet."

"Charlotte and Chuck Herman of Dallas turned out to support Bush, holding a sign that read 'Bush saved you cowards.' "

"We think he made a great president and we want him to retire in peace," Charlotte Herman added.

One thirteen year old beginning his archetypal American Rockwellesque summer vacation selling pink lemonade and chocolate chip cookies in the neighborhood said after watching a half hour confrontation between pro-Bush and Sheehan supporters, " I think this is crazy. I didn't think it would end up like this."

Neither did most of us.

(Attribution: Anna M. Tinsley's article original @ The Fort Worth Star-Telegram)


Fran said...

I agree with the Herman's.

I want Bush to retire in peace too.

Preferably locked up in the Gitmo prison for war crimes.

Fran said...

Oh! That's classic--"we just want the neighborhood to be peaceful and quiet."

I'm pretty sure that's the sentiment in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well.

Dada said...

Oh Fran! When I read this story, I just got all tingly inside imagining what kind of graphic I might come up for it. (After all, the story was already written.)

So, much pleasure was derived Googling pictures of Bush's neighborhood aftermaths and a kid hawking pink lemonade from his stand to earn a couple bucks and combining the two - it made for such an enjoyable afternoon.

I can't tell you of my fantasies I have of what I would like for those fine Dallas neighbors of George's who have no appreciation for the other neighborhoods he's created.

Fran said...

Catch Laura's "We're used to it" interview.

Dada said...

Thanks for the link, Fran. I guess as Laura reminded, all presidents get this after leaving office. Yeh, uh huh.