Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 62nd anniversary of flying "sauces."

June 24th, 2009 - Today is the 62nd anniversary of the birth of the term "flying saucers." It's based on a pilot's sighting while flying near Mt. Rainier, WA, in 1947; of his spotting unidentified flying objects he described as "saucers."

As a kid, I found this extremely exciting. I never for an instant envisioned "flying tea cups" could fly, so asymmetrical in shape were they with those awkward un-dynamic friction causing handles protruding as they do.

But saucers were obviously a viable lighter than air flying craft shape. But what I really never imagined was that 62 years later, in the 21st Century, they would still remain a mystery (along with the JFK assassination, Bush "election" in 2000 and the US anthrax attacks in late 2001).

Something I thought would by now have been long ago identified and solved, still remains an enigma more clouded in mystery than ever. I'm sure governments' interventions and disinformation, not just locally, but globally, have done much to conceal anything approaching truth. As a result, I no longer care. I have lost interest in resolution of this conundrum and have now contented myself to go to my grave unenlightened.

That's okay, for as I've said, I really no longer give a damn, preferring instead to accept as good as any, Terrence McKenna's UFO sighting and explanation thereof.

So, on this anniversary of the "discovery of flying saucers" 60 years ago today, what has replaced my curiosity with them? That would be crop circles and their seemingly uninterpretable messages delivered but yet undecipherable by us. (Assuming there IS a message.)

Work of the O'Reilly brothers after a 'boy's night out' at McMulligan's Pub and Fish?

One need only study this annual enigma in the crop fields of England to wonder if someone or something is trying to tell us something; what it is we're not yet getting. While I no longer believe the majority of these intricately beautiful constructs that appear overnight each year around this time are the manifestation of a few pub drunks reluctant to go home with a few valuable hours of darkness still remaining, I am at a loss to explain them. But I am with no shortage of theories.

Again, disappointingly, I don't expect to be of this Earth when an explanation for crop circles is arrived at. If known, truth is not readily surrendered by those who have it to those who don't. Yet I will continue to muse over these puzzling creations until, or unless, governments and their disinformation efforts once more eviscerate yet another mystery (or, as in this case, a pearl of wisdom from something outside and beyond us?).


IQXS said...

Sad for me to know you are so disinterested in the UFOs now as every person is vital in the effort. I certainly can understand your perspective though and I am happy the Crop Circles continue to inspire you...they are lovely and inspiring indeed as is the art you show on your site. Thanks for the post!

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D.K. Raed said...

the first crop circles reminded me of viruses as seen under a microscope. so geometrical. not all blobby like bacteria. they also looked like keys or maybe strange types of DNA which I found very intriguing. opposite of you, I kind of lost interest in them when they started to morph into more human-style art, and now find myself more interested in the aerial phenoms/manifestations of ETLife. the universe is so much more gratifying to contemplate than life down here in the dirt, um, Earth.

Fran said...

If Twitter merged with Facebook, would they call it

I don't know.... I embrace that Galaxy song....
questioning if there is intelligent life here on earth.