Friday, May 15, 2009

This is the nation's largest legal whorehouse. (And it's not in Nevada.)

Pictured above: The United States Congress, comprised of two houses, the Senate and the House of ("our") Representatives. Combined, they comprise the largest legal whorehouse in the nation under one lavish roof.

Most everyone who works inside is considered "honorable" by corporate America (including the media), mostly because corporate America pimps for the many hookers who work out of these houses. (Example to follow.)

Who are the Johns of these whores? We are! Honest, hard working Americans trying to just scrape by who pay and pay to get screwed over and over again by the whores residing inside this bordello. And as we pay for their "tricks" with taxes extracted from our incomes, we are blindly being robbed behind our backs by these hookers and their pimps stealing our jobs, homes, retirements and health for we who we are paying for just "a little love."

Result? Our whores get their rewards, not from their Johns, er, constituents they're supposedly serving. They get their rewards for "jobs" well done from their pimps who rake in huge sums of money from their hooker's tricks.

CAUTION: Graphic prostitution photographs follow!

It's difficult to find sympathy for people losing their homes to foreclosures who voted republican in the last election. I don't know why, but from these two houses of "professionals," republicans seem to be the far better at creating misery, perhaps because of their total lack of compassion for their constituents.

While the democrats now have a considerable majority in the senate, to those Americans who voted for them thinking bills like the one recently that would have saved many, many thousands of Americans from foreclosure, I can only say, "it's difficult to find sympathy for people losing their homes who voted democratic in the last election." (Redundancy, I know.)

Below is a list of those democratic senators who "laid down" as their bankster pimps wished at the expense of many Americans who will lose their homes as a result. (Their contributions, kick-backs, rewards, whatever from their pimps shown in parentheses.)

Whores who voted against their party and struggling homeowners:

Senator Max Baucas, democrat, Montana
($3.5 million)

Senator Tim Johnson, democrat, South Dakota
($2.5 million)

Senator Mary Landrieu, democrat, LA ($2 million)

Senator Jon Tester, democrat, Montana
($1/2 a million - he's got lots of room for improvement!)

Senator Blanche Lincoln, democrat, Arkansas ($1.3 million)

Senator Arlan Specter, Republican/Democrat, PA. (This guy can go either way, which probably explains his $4.5 million "bonuses"!)

Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat, Nebraska
($1.4 million)

*NOTE: Pimp payouts to these democratic senators courtesy of Paul Craig Roberts' "Who Rules America?"


Fran said...

Wow! The smut factor is mighty thick here.

How 'bout that Arlen Specter double dipping?
Although he offered to refund GOP donation money when he *crossed over* & lots of those douchebags took him up on his refund/rebate offer.

Maybe it was all for show- because he's voting with the red side of the aisle since his transition metamorphosis. Republidermitatian?

eProf2 said...

Nice metaphor! Oh, Lincoln is from WalMartsville, not Nebraska.

The double meanings are excellent and there must be more of them in this post -- LOL!

Dada said...

eProf: Thanks for catching the Lincoln miscue. My fear in transcribing the names to the pictures, I would screw it up. It's nice to know my faith in myself to do so was not unwarranted. (I'll make the correction.)

Also, thanks for appreciating the metaphor and double entendres. (There were a few Sam deleted in the interest of good taste.)

Fran: "Republidermatatian"? Editor Sam sat up and did a double take at that one. (I explained the last half of that is NOT how you spell dalmatian. Reassured, he laid down and went back to sleep.)

D.K. Raed said...

So nice that these thieves and liars are all under one roof where so we can easily keep track of them. But honestly, I feel bad about about lumping the honest working women of the world in with such thieves.

Dada said...

D.K. Good point -- thanks for making it. You made me realize what an insult I made to hard working women everywhere just trying to earn an honest living. (Well, in Nevada at least.) ;~0

Hey, welcome back! Where you been, in the Bahamas? :~)

D.K. Raed said...

The Bahamas? I wish! No, just lost in the ozone of computer crapola, where there are no soothing carribean breezes gently stirring the windmill palms ... more like a wave of disgust stirring my guts, mingled with some excitement, to produce a state of perfect tension similar to election day!

ps re: the working women of NV ... I found out from the craiglist guy in the news that they have competition from RI, where it is legal as long it's indoors out of public view. Perhaps that's where our congress got the idea that they can keep screwing us as long as its done by actions emananting from INSIDE the capitol? They do love to split legal hairs afterall.