Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm not QUITE mad as hell, so I'm gonna take a little more of the shit!

I don't think corporate America -- more specifically, the banking industry which helped create our current economic morass -- should profit off of our misery. But apparently, our government representatives don't mind (or really give a shit that YOU should care).

I'm talking about the 30 states that use banks and credit card companies to distribute to you your unemployment entitlement in the form of debit cards for which recipients of said benefits are learning -- if they don't pay attention -- those "guardians" of your entitlement -- will exploit any and every situation to nickel and dime you and millions of others out of what is a small gold mine for them in the form of $.50 fees if you inquire of your balance, or $1.50 for making more than one withdrawal of your unemployment money in one day!

To the 30 states where Bank of America and others participating in and contributing to the extortion of unemployed workers, I should just like to say, "Congratulations!" To the other 20 states where this isn't yet an accepted practice I'd just like to chide, " C'mon, you laggards, what the fuck's holding you up? Weak lobbies not shilling out enough to your representatives??!!"

And to all Americans tolerating these extortionists: "Congratulations! Your endless patience (despite being laughed at or scorned by citizens of other nations) is incredibly admired by most ('don't make waves') Americans. Thanks for amazing me at the endless quantities of shit Americans will swallow, will tolerate !

(Oh, and while at it, let me express for BofA and others profiting from your wonderful tolerance, "Thank you!")

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Fran said...

We quickly learned that if we did not choose direct deposit, they issued us a "ReliaCard".... it looked like any other debit card, but when we read the fine print, we realized it was loaded with fines & fees.
Ours was administered by US Bank.
Clearly, some genius came up with a new & improved way to *kick em when they are down*.
Let's hit up the unemployed people!!.
If you read the fine print, you could figure out if you just made one withdrawal of the entire amount, you could avoid fees. Just asking how much was remaining would assess you a fee.

We switched to direct deposit, but left .23 cents on the Reliacard account.
We recently received paperwork regarding the .23 cents, a formal bank statement, a 2 page update of the managing of the .23 cents.
The stamp & paper cost more than the balance in the account.

The State says they are saving a bundle by having this debit card system. I wonder how long before they make new rules about nominal balances?