Monday, March 09, 2009

From the only species intelligent enough to print newspapers comes: Today's Headlines!


"North Korea threatens war if satellite is shot down."


"Sixteen arrested for fighting at non-violence concert in Silverspring, MD"


Proposal by Texas representative Joe Driver (R., Garland) and senator
Jeff Wentworth (R., San Antonio) would make Texas the second state to
allow students to defend themselves with guns on university campuses.


Fran said...

The aliens have to be asking if there is intelligent life on earth!

Dada said...

Thanks Fran for validation of Dada's homepage footer, "this planet is no model for rational thought, and that what passes for sanity here is sending chills down the spine of the remainder of the universe" (from the book, "E.T. 101")

xandtrek said...

I'm pretty sure human beings are a short-term experiment.

Dada said...

xandtrek: I can only pray you're right!