Saturday, February 21, 2009

Juarez drug war update

Juarez police chief, Robert Orduña Cruz, whose police force was threatened by drug war operatives with the murder of one of his officers every forty-eight hours until he quit, said in his resignation speech Friday, "I cannot place my sense of duty above the lives of my officers."

On Tuesday 150 expended shell casings were found at the scene of the assassination of police operations director Sacramento Perez Serrano and three other officers.

Police chief Orduña Cruz also also said during his resignation announcement, "We will not permit any criminal organization to interfere with the work of law enforcement."

(NOTE: While Dada finds this last statement contradictory to his actions, I believe Orduña Cruz, in retiring, may have made a very wise decision.)


Fran said...

This story actually made it to the MSM

Can't blame the guy for bailing. Apparently, they don't usually give advance notice before the bullets fly in Juarez.

xandtrek said...

Who says there's no work -- look at all the available jobs in Ciudad Juarez. And we thought Baghdad was violent.

Dada said...

I had the pleasure to spend a few minutes with "Eric" yesterday at a mass for a 19 year old undocumented immigrant who was gunned down by a 'rookie' member of the Border Patrol several years ago. (In the trial you can guess who 'won'.)

Munching down post-mass delectable flautas in the El Paso sunshine, we got to discussing the violence just over the border and Eric, an ex-GI, was relating the horrific effects of living life with PTSD (as experienced by so many of our returning GI's), only he was relating it to an entire city of 2 million residents -- Juarez -- as suffering from, of having and living with PTSD continuously, day after hopeless day. Yet, this is how our Juarez neighbors exist, while a literal stone's throw across the river, we El Pasoans go about our daily routines in a kind of suppressed, anesthetized state of mind numbness.

The day before Eric had attended a trans-border meeting at the fence between our two nations as a show of support and opportunity to exchange ideas on border issues important to both communities, to just visit 'over the fence' with neighbors.

American and Mexican kids shared a football they tossed back and forth across the border. But the Mexican turnout was disappointing because there been had -- just earlier -- a person shot dead there. And the meeting was cut short when Mexican army troops showed up demanding citizens return to the seguridad de sus casas.

PTSD indeed.

Border Explorer said...

Xandtrek's right! Lots of openings in the Juarez police dept! I hear the US Border Patrol is hiring, too.