Friday, February 06, 2009

How disappointing - only 600,000 lost their jobs in January!

Dada is thankful to the nearly 600,000 the Labor Department announced whose jobs were lost in January. While the DOW Industrial Average is up an incredible 216 points as I type this, can you imagine how the market would be soaring had a million (or more) jobs had been sacrificed!

Which leads me to ponder: Might we not create history's greatest bull market if we just axed everyone's asses in the country? Cripes, maybe I should have been an economist?


Fran said...

Oh it's bull alright....
But as the trickle stops flowing, the market may have bargain basement deals now.... until the well runs dry.

Think we will see a day when the IRS offices close because there is no money?

No money to collect, and no money to operate the office. A dustbowl economy.

Dada said...

Love your new phrase coinage, Fran, "dustbowl economy"! It just conjures up such nice imagery.

But seriously, don't you think if we fired everyone's asses and those folks took their unemployment checks (those still drawing it, that is) and, instead of spending it on groceries and gas, just put all that money in the stock market which would obviously be irrationally exuberant at industry's new lower labor costs and the whole dustbowl economy would instantly blow itself away, leaving everyone millionaires!

Wow, talk about pulling oneself up by one's own efe-ing bootstraps! It's genius!

Fran said...

This plan seems risky, Dada-- but as long as the Wall Street people can keep their summer homes in the Hamptons, we should forge ahead.

Reverse economy psychology~ a new trend for the 21st Century?