Saturday, January 31, 2009

Live wire, dead update on 'the death of Dada'

Sometime between my last post "Live Girls, Dead Girls," and Thursday afternoon, Dada's went from "Live Wire" to "Dead Wire", i.e., we unexpectedly lost connectivity of all three computers, our Vonage phone, and two iPod Touchs. (The latter of which I probably miss more than all the rest.)

Please note, our cable man is due within the next hour or two but, with one computer connected only (our Mac) and the other two PC's out, I'm thinking it's OUR problem, not Time Warner's. Hopefully if that's the case, the Time Warner man can give me some hints to where my problems lie (electronically, not psychologically).

Needless to say, my current computer problems have interrupted my 'perfect life' and are now dominating my waking hours as a kind of reminder that control is not something we always have. 

Back soon -- I HOPE!


D.K. Raed said...

no worries, Dada ... well, actually a few worries ... "electronically, not psychologically" ... LOL! I pity the poor Time Warner guy who tries to get you on the couch! His (or your) cables might fry!

Fran said...

Hey you might just have something there- since Time-Warner is struggling, maybe they can cross train the cable installation people on the basics of psychotherapy & counseling.
Then again you get what you pay for- they might just say- Look- if ya shut up, I'll fix the connection, Kapish?
Tough love !

But when I am disconnected without consent, I feel I am missing out on something good.

Hope the connectivity gods are kind to you.

And~ may one team or another win the SuperBowl today!

enigma4ever said...

I see the Connectivity Gods reconnected you....phew....

I imagine there were Peace offerings at the wired alter.....

glad you are back...