Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cows declare an involuntary fast against factory farming

(photo courtesy of El Paso Times)

Friday morning, about 3:20 a.m., a suspicious fire broke out among the hay stacks at the Big Sky (factory) Dairy halfway between El Paso and Las Cruces, New Mexico. It was the second such suspicious fire at the dairy in recent months.

After achieving containment of the blaze by the five fire departments that responded, it was concluded there wasn't enough water in the entire Chihuahuan desert between New Mexico and Texas to extinguish it. As a result, it was decided to let the fire burn itself out. As of Saturday night, it is still burning. Estimated cost of the damages have been set at $400,000.

The cows at Big Sky, bearing a strange resemblance to Palestinians in the Gaza strip, are subjected to overcrowded conditions in land plots ankle to knee deep in manure where their herds are reduced to their only reason for existence -- to eat between milkings (which in Gaza equates to "eat between killings"). The remainder of their time they are free to stand around (or lie) in their own excrement the rest of their days awaiting their next dinner.

Some conjecture Big Sky cows may now be in some kind of unwilling, yet sympathetic, fast in their support against the conditions they are forced to endure their entire lives!

As for the $400,000 in hay that was to feed them but is now going up in smoke instead, and those who would say, "That ain't hay!" Dada can only respond in support of the cows, "Bull!"



xandtrek said...

When I drove by at 7:30 am several fire trucks were hanging around, then when I drove back at 10:30, all the fire trucks were gone but the hay was still burning. None of the stories seem to say WHY they needed to continue to burn (are we out of water?), the sky filled with smoke, and the lookey-loo traffic slowing down to watch. BTW, Dada, do you have an alibi for that time?

Fran said...

Hmmm makes me wonder if there is more to this story? Maybe the cows were infected with mad cow disease, rather than take down the whole US cattle industry better to just have it be an unexplained fire?

I wonder if they could still find evidence of mad cow in the remains of the cows?

Border Explorer said...

If you're writing about the huge expanse of cattlefields on the west side of I-10, I just want to say that whenever I drive past there: that place reeks! And this, coming from an Iowa farm community girl, is spoken with authority. It would be enough to convince any omnivore to convert to vegetarianism.

Dada said...

xandtrek: So far as I know, I was asleep at that hour of the night, altho I can't verify I don't sleep walk.

Fran: No, NO!! No cows were injured. We drove by there on Sunday and the burnt out hay was still smoldering and the poor cows were STILL in their misery, laying in their manure "pasture"

On our return, it was dinnertime as they were all obediently at the troughs eating.

B.E. Yes, those are the fields. Do you mean to say there STILL exists smaller farms with real pastures somewhere in the mid west?