Monday, December 01, 2008

Turning over a new leaf.

Well, new month, new administration. I thought it'd be nice to change into a new blog skin. While the old blog had a beachy theme to it, I thought I'd switch to something that's a little closer to home. This desert theme caught my eye.

I apologize if you have a Mac and it displays this as our Mac does, i.e., the background is brown instead of the deep rich black the PC says it is. Anyway, hope you find the new look as refreshing as I do.

I'm hoping with the Bush administration about to exit Dada's won't be quite as snarky as it's been it's first 3 1/2 years. But remember, my bent is towards the pessimistic and while change may be in the air, that could still include things like relocating under a freeway overpass in 2009 or '10.


PTCruiser said...

Yep. This is a good look for you.

D.K. Raed said...

ooo-ooo, I think I like it. Have to get used to it. The white text really pops out & forces me to open my eyes, a welcome de-wrinkler! It is a very black background on my PC. Nice.

ps, hope you NEVER lose your snarkitude.

Fran said...

Nice look. I'm hoping things are more positive with the regime change too.
I find myself right now saying, I don't care what it took for Obama to win, I'm just so glad we are no living under a McCain-Palin regime. Obama has a hell of a mess to clean up, but at least he is majorly changing the course of this ship & for that I am grateful.

xandtrek said...

Dark brown is my favorite color.

Dada said...

Thank you all for the feed back. And, yes PT, this IS a good look for me, isn't it? Now when I first awake each morn, there is no temptation to turn over for a few more winks. That's because I can't wait to get to the new blog! (OK, so that's a sign of mental illnes.)

D.K. Not to worry about the snark I guess. Why just today I had a brilliant experience with gov't Medicare Drug Plan D people. (I walked out. I don't know if I'll ever be able to write about it because w/o a Drug Plan D, how will I afford the meds required for my blood pressure if I damage it by writing about it?

Fran, I AM SO GRATEFUL NOT to be living under a Palin McCain regime come January. (I would definitely be looking at ALL possible escape options.)

xandtrek: Welcome! I love dark brown too but it doesn't work real well for the blog when viewed from a Mac.

But drop me from a azure blue sky and I just naturally gravitate toward earth tone colors. (ugh)