Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The consciousness of inanimate things across space and time.

Just north of town on the way to the Taos Pueblo

Meanwhile, enjoying the lighter days of retirement in Taos.

They only knew each other from the "glances" they exchanged while parked across from one another in the expansive pre-shipping lot just outside the Michigan factory whence they both came. The admiration they shared for each other those few days was undeniable, she with her deluxe silvery chrome grill, he with his optional 5 window cab.

And nearly fifty years later they arrived at this very same place in space and time, having taken long and very different paths to get here. Since then, they have occasionally passed. And when they do, they remember those few days spent in admiration of one another nearly sixty years ago.

The years have been kind to both. Kinder than to most of their generation. And they are often admired by Chevy Avalanches and Silverado descendants that periodically pass by.

But on those rare occasions when these classics from an earlier era "see" one another, there exists a momentary flux in the electro-magnetic field's dynamics from an attraction born nearly six decades earlier. Undetectable? Yes, Undeniable? Yes again.


D.K. Raed said...

I loved this imagery and am amazed those old workhorses can still gallop (or maybe canter is a better word)!

Border Explorer said...

Aw, Dada--even a cynic like yourself has a romantic side?

Now that's nice.

enigma4ever said...

you been busy looks awesome over here...and I loved the wonderful...I better go home and tidy

Dada said...

D.K. - I love images of these old workhorses of my youth. While my brother-in-law always drove one of those great Ford PU's from the late 40's - 50's, his neighbor a mile down the road was a Chevy man, using PU's on his farm like those pictured.

It was a love of and loyalty to brand names that manifested in the cars we coveted in our youth of the early Sixties when me and pickups went our separate ways. But I'll always have a fondness for them.

(I suppose such imagery is part of what draws me back every few years to "The Last Picture Show" of which I am so enamored as well.)

(BTW, the blue Chevy pictured belonged to Taos artist Ed Sandoval for a number of years. I featured it in a June '06 blog. I was sad when I learned he had sold it, but on my last visit to his studio I was excited to learn he was in the process of procuring a "new" old Chevy PU. There are some things that just stay in your blood I guess.)

Dada said...

B.E. Yes, I confess. Despite the misanthrope that I am, I have a real soft spot for people as individual consciousness units.

It's just the damned aggregate of 'em that gives me the Willy's (as in those old jeep style vehicles of my childhood).

Dada said...

enigma: Wow -- how nice. Thank you for such an enthusiastic response to my new skin!

And I'm giving you warning. While I know how busy you are, I'll give you a bit longer to get everything shipshape over at the Watergate, but I'm coming by real soon!

Thanks again for such great feedback.