Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Terry and the Pirates, or.....

.....Oo-ee, oo-ee baby
Oo-ee, oo-ee baby
Oo-ee, oo-ee baby
Won't ya let me take you on a sea cruise?

Inspired by the wreckless daring of the 21st Century's
most famous pirate of all, U.S. president George Bush,

Sirius Star, photo by Cater News Agency, Ltd.

Somali pirates seized their 7th ship in 12 days. Shown above is their biggest
prize to date, the Sirius Star, with $100 million dollars worth of oil on board.

Meanwhile locally just across the border in Juarez, a vicious drug war goes on with daily murders (approaching 1,200 total so far this year), many carried out in broad daylight. More recently beheadings have become fashionable with headless bodies or bodiless heads showing up on city streets.

Journalists have been targeted and killed. And the latest tack by the drug thugs as we learned this week is the threatening of school teachers to hand over their upcoming Christmas bonuses or face the consequences of havoc raining down upon themselves, their students or their schools.

But for all the daring and attrocities as inspired by "numero uno", the biggest bandido of all -- president George Bush, these pirates and butchers should ask themselves one question: When it comes time to retire, can they pardon themselves? President Bush thinks he can!


enigma4ever said...

and today there was a Sea Battle with the Indian Navy...( I did not even know there was an Indian Navy...) such strange times....

seems like this would be More Critical to monitor than putting 80,000 Americans on a Terra Watch List...jus sayin'....


Dada said...

Yeh, I agree...just sayin' of course.

Amazing, just amazing, isn't it? I mean, I can Google a satellite picture of my little house, but an oil tanker the size of three aircraft carriers is hard to spot from space. Hmmm...

But if a country is gonna have a nuclear arsenal that can eradicate Pakistan from the face of the Earth making everyone's maps and globes of said Earth outdated, if it has the capability to put a satellite in orbit around moon, if they're gonna harbor a tech support industry that can take over my computer from Allahabad as I watch them TRY to solve my computer problem (they don't), they oughta at least have a (small) navy, I guess.

Or as I remember from a world history class long, long ago -- the following Frank Zappa quote:

"You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer."

And I love just about every India Pale Ale I've ever tasted, I'm just not certain if India has one of their own?

enigma4ever said...

hmmm India Pale you are talking....

hmm, about the Bush...I have video up showing HOW the econmic leaders felt about him last weekend...."the great Shunning" is how I would describe it...

so the way I see it - we have an Idiot at the Helm...and 60- Something days to go....with him steering this vessel....shark Infested ( Wall street and Paulson) and then REAL pirates on the Horizon too...

about your googling skills...and your History Lessons- well, I think that Zappa would have had an opionion about Googling and shape of the world....

truthfully...if we all were able to see each other better..and sit down for a beer...I think we would all get along better....but silly me....thinking life always comes down to a beer and a meal..

Dada said...

enigma just said:
"silly me....thinking life always comes down to a beer and a meal.. "

Dada: "OMG! You mean IT DOESN'T??!!"

Wouldn't that be a lot of fun? A bunch of us bloggers meeting somewhere for a couple beers and a meal?

Which reminds me, Enigma. I think I owe you a couple of words of appreciation, like TYTYTY! for actually accomplishing that beer and a meal amongst friends, for a month and 1/2 or so ago "a ball of light" - commenter on your blog - who happened to find his way to Dada's Dally from Watergate Summers sat down with Mrs. Dada and I at my favorite little 'bistro' in Las Cruces, NM, the High Desert Brewing Co.

It was my first meeting with ABOL. He had e-mailed about a possible get together whilst he was in Las Cruces for a few days.

In case ABOL's intentions weren't what they seemed, i.e., he was really a member of the NSA looking to rendition someone or just some angry old neocon hell bent on assassination, I arranged to have Steve, the publisher of the local alternative newspaper, Grass Roots Press, join us.

I was sure if ABOL was legitimate, Steve would enjoy the company over beer and food. If not, he could be a witness to the homicide.

But it turned out ABOL was legit and we all had an excellent couple of hours together. So, "Thank you! for one excellent afternoon over 'beer and a meal!'"

enigma4ever said...

you are more than welcome friend....and see it turns that a meal and a beer is always good ....


{{ I have always been grateful for all the fine folks I have met from and mrs.dada included ;-)

Dada said...

Thanks enigma. Same here from Mrs. Dada and I.

I write this after the market has closed another dramatic down day.

I don't know who set up this universe, but I'm thankful it unfolds 'one day at a time.' Could you imagine if we had to digest a month, quarter or an entire year's worth of daily news?

Like just from today's news: a worker on the floor of the Brazilian stock exchange (that continent's largest) managed to sneak a weapon into work and shoot himself in the middle of the trading session.

A sixty something year old woman in this country held up the same bank (again) with a note apologizing, saying she desperately needed the money.

And then there was a story of a man who beheaded himself with a chainsaw! (I'm still trying to replicate how he did that.) He couldn't bear to face losing his home.

I can't imagine if we had to read of a month's, quarter's or year's worth of these all at once.

So much easier to take these stories one day at a time with a cup of our favorite hot beverage whilst we can still heat water.

More, many more such stories are in store, just waiting to manifest.