Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

Dada, as shown above (well, his feet anyway), smothered in another hol-
iday season crush of love from friends, family, and/or the Russian Bolshoi.

Ah, Thanksgiving 2008 arrives, signaling the start of that seasonal display of humanity's purest expression of compassion for all things living!

As is traditional, president Bush appeared briefly before cameras yesterday to pardon this year's lucky pair of turkeys -- likely not his last before leaving office, thus signaling the official start of the spirit of the holiday season.

Two fortunate toms were this year's recipients of Bush's amnesty. "May" and his backup, "Flower" -- strange names for a pair of male turkeys, I know, but likely a token concession to women everywhere living in a world of male domination, as a salivating nation looked on in anticipation of its annual feast of several million of May's and Flower's less fortunate feathered fellows.

And so, with this official "kickoff," it's once more time to enjoy the closeness, the crush of communing with others in the spirit that exemplifies the best of human qualities. Time set aside from our petty lusting for mass annihilations of our brothers and sisters and to gather around a dining table, a TV or outside a pre-dawn line of our favorite retail store before they open their 5:00 a.m. doors to another Black Friday's rushing crush of crowds dying to express their compassion and love for one another as only the things of glitter and glare can do.

It is with such spirit Dada gives thanks. Thanks for being a member of the human family, so filled with love and compassion for one another as this season again reminds us. Thankful we have been granted the stewardship of oversight and safety for all living things of the Earth. One can only imagine the mayhem and chaos of the world were we not.

As we partake of this spirit, take care not to get too overwhelmed by it. Just let it flow over you like a rising tide. Let it pile on you. Enjoy it, but take care not to let it drown, smother or crush you. Such incredible feelings of peace and joy only last a month or so. And we can all hold our breaths that long! Then it will be back to work, building a better world as only we humans can do.

Happy Thanksgiving all!


PTCruiser said...

Isn't the War President supposed to go have Thanksgiving dinner with his cannon fodder over in Iraq?

I guess it's not that important to him anymore.

Utah Savage said...

Dada, last I was here, you had proclaimed the demise of Dada's Dally. It saddened me, but we do what we must.

But in fine Dada form you have posted a very good Thanksgiving piece. So, I'm here to wish you a lovely day doing whatever your heart desires.

D.K. Raed said...

I think you're a year behind in your turkeys, Dada. This year's pardoned toms were "Pumpkin" and "Pecan". "May" and "Flower" have probably ended up on the chopping block by now, much like the original mayflower ship was eventually carved up for nasty little hovels & forts to protect the pilgrims from the natives (ok, I just made that last part up ... I think).

I give thanks you are back blogging!

I wonder how bleak "Black Friday" will be this year?

Border Explorer said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I give thanks that in less than 2 months we'll have pretty much seen the last of "W."

(D.K. never fails to astonish me with the breadth of her knowledge.)

Fran said...

So I take it you will not be joining the stampede of kamakazi shoppers @ 4am??
Me neither. If I have the opportunity to sleep in-- I am there- sleeping. Soft pillow/warm bed syndrome.

There is no bargain that good to make me stand in line with the ravenous hoards.

Hope you had a nice day, with friends & family

Dada said...

PT: I guess after 5 years of stop losses and multiple Iraq tours, the GI's just aren't buying Bush's plastic turkeys anymore, huh?

Utah: Thanks for the TG wishes. It was a very nice day, but I suppose it comes at a price. That is, I stayed home this morning. If I'd had any idea I might be witness to a stampede and someone getting trampled causing them to die (throw in an injured/pregnant mom as a bonus!), I would have sacrificed, gotten up early and high-tailed it down to our neighborhood Wally World. I mean, the Christmas spirit doesn't get much more ardent than that!

D.K. Thanks for the correction. I had a long talk with Sam about it. His editing is becoming spottier and spottier. I suppose it serves me right, I mean, I took a chance with him, took him on, even with his spotted past.

So Pumpkin and Pecan it is. Still not very macho names for a couple of Toms. BTW, you like the way the new modern turkeys are so much meatier, i.e., their legs can even support their own weight?

Oh, and I guess for one person, that 34 year old Wal-Mart employee, it was about as black a Friday for he and his family as it can get.

B.E. Thanks for the nice holiday wishes. Hope yours (and anyone reading this here) was a great day.

Fran: I can relate, with the minor regret of what one might miss by not being there for the stampede. (Fortunately, no one died locally, hence, I didn't miss anything.)

eProf2 said...

Sorry I didn't get to send "Happy" wishes earlier, so I hope you had a great day not worrying about being crushed at 5 in the morning trying to shop for the latest gizmo but a relaxing day with Mrs Dada and Sam. I certainly hope you gave Sam the day off -- whoops, no you didn't as I see you already have an apocalyptic post of travels through Oregon. It's not the way I want to see it the next time we go north -- whenever that might be. You must have had some bad turkey stuffing to dream of apocalyptic journeys. My your next dream be more romantic and picturesque.

Dada said...

eprof: Thanks for the TG greeting. Here's hoping yours was a great day too, and that all of your family is doing well!

Ours was very nice. This year we did dinner out with the M-I-L, followed by an evening at friends where we were still too full to partake of a late TG dinner, but enjoyed good company over a good beer or two.

(Oh, and BTW, I explained the inspiration for that apocalyptic blog to B.E. in its in comments section. Sorry 'bout that. ;~0)