Friday, September 12, 2008

Tying down loose ends

And who might that be?

This past week Mrs. Dada was solicited via a MoveOn political action group to participate in their campaign to knock on "a million doors for peace" and talk to voters about Iraq. The idea is to enlist people across the nation to go out on Saturday 20th and talk to their neighbors about ending that war.

Before signing up, however, Mrs. Dada wrote them asking, "If asked for the name of a candidate who might prevail upon the Washington powers that be to bring an end to the Iraq war, whose name might she respond with?" She is still waiting a reply.

And Dada wonders if four years from now this group might have to repeat their ambitious effort to end the war in Afghani- and Paki- stan?

Ooh, could you sing for me too?

Yesterday afternoon while in the middle of a Scrabble game with Mrs. Dada, we were interrupted by Charles Gibson interviewing our next vice president(?), Sarah Palin. Her repeated obfuscation served up in her answers to Gibson's questions were annoying at the least, scarier than hell at the most.

We learned she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine is. But we also discovered you can actually see Russia from someplace in western Alaska which, right after her visit to Canada is sufficient experience to validate her foreign affairs expertise, hence, to blow the shit out of Iran on behalf of the Israelis.

(NOTICE: Dada can see Juarez from El Paso and, should McCain win the election, please note I plan to vie for the ambassadorship to Mexico at the least, or the State Department's chargés d'affaires of all of Latin America at most.)

The deeper Gibson and Palin got into the interview, the more and more I found myself thinking of Britney Spears and her sweet yet very dangerous political naiveté. Maybe my confusion was why I was expecting Palin to grace us with a few bars of "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Curious side note: After the interview, we resumed our Scrabble game and Mrs. Dada immediately hit me with an 8 letter word: n-a-i-v-e-t-é!

Hmm, synchronicity? I think not!

It's Friday! Time for another government "weekend surprise"?

Well, after last Friday night's government surprise, i.e., to take control of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to the tune of untold tens of billions more dollars to American tax payers, I'm wondering if this might be the Friday (after everyone goes home distracted with plans for their weekends, of course) that the government jumps in to bail out Lehman Brothers? (Dada's not sure how many more of these bailouts he, we, can afford but apparently when it comes to saving fat greedy cat's asses, money is no object for me, for you.)

Seems there are a couple of interested buyers in the market for drowning-in-debt Lehman -- like Bank of America for one. The only thing needed to dissolve Lehman's insolvency is some guarantee from the government they'll bail out whoever decides to buy the dying beast if that decision turns out to be a very, very bad idea.

As Dada is learning, when it comes to rescuing folks in trouble, American taxpayers find totally unacceptable witnessing helpless, drowning crapitalists, yet don't share that same compassion for their own sinking masses in crises (of whom we are all a part).

Your hard-earned tax dollars at work? (Or, "Sex, Lies and Videotape"?)

Kevin Moloney for The New York Times
Office of the Minerals Management Service outside Denver. “A culture of substance abuse and promiscuity”
Best place in America to work? (Free work place tickets to major concerts, sporting events, paint ball, golf,
all-you-can a.) drink alcohol, b.) smoke marijuana, c.) snort cocaine...and much, much more! During work hours!

Dada, perhaps out of his own self-naivetés, likes to believe if Americans really knew more about the workings of government, its lies, the truths being secreted away from the public in files forever marked with 'national security' or 'above top secret' designations, the corruptions engaged in at so many levels of the greatest "democracy on Earth," there would be a tremendous coming together of most Americans, right and left, in outrage of just how this country conducts itself on our behalf.

OK, I confess, my middle name is Polyanna, I live at an undisclosed address somewhere in the middle of a place called "Wonderland" and I overestimate American's capacity to be outraged, much less come together to do something about it.

That's why it's probably best the major mainstream media are downplaying the story of the scandal at the Interior Department because it's obviously just another hard working agency staffed with Americans just like us working their asses off, day in, day out, trying to make an honest living like the rest of us.

After all, what would be the incentive to get up and go to work in jobs that so many of us find tedious, unchallenging and under-rewarding if we didn't have those little surprise rewards like free tickets to concerts and sporting events, drunken parties with all the free booze, weed and cocaine your heart desires to look forward to while working? Ooh, and don't forget the wonderful, expensive gifts, financial bonuses and those exciting and surprising sexual trysts with oil and gas industry reps, or your own workplace subordinates.

No wonder Americans don't give a shit what their government representatives are doing on their behalves while at work. Americans are doing the same at their own workplaces I guess. So much for the myth of the drudgery of work.


eProf2 said...

After watching the national service forum last night, I thought about many of things you're writing about today. The mess is SO BIG that we've all become immune to these daily reports of wrong doing and anti-democratic behavior. Thankfully, the Internet helps sort out some of this stuff but not enough to keep our elected and appointed officials half-way honest. And, to top it off, my neighbor decided to insult the rest of us with his McSame sign on his front yard this morning. So, let's see what Friday brings!

Border Explorer said...

I hope Friday night brings me a beer, 'cuz that's about the only way I'm gonna be able to continue meeting the challenges of being an American with an engaged brain in these worst of all times.

I had trouble with the interior dept link, but I know what you're referring to. Sure wish I had an employer who could provide me with the finer things in life. My problem is that I gravitate to folks like Mrs. Dada. Where's that ever gonna get me? Maybe, if I play my cards right, it'll get me here.

Dada said...

eprof: See where this is heading? (Read border explorer's comment). B.E., what a hoot your comment is. From reading it, it's obvious you've turned the corner (X-ed the 1/2 way point) of your Iowa stay. I loved the surprise ending of your comment.

(eprof: better start thinking of a trip to New Mexico very late this fall, early next winter.)

I think one of us should gravitate towards Grass Roots Press to warn ed./pub. Steve to expect us. (eprof and Dada have already posted comments on Grass Roots Press' 'Commentary' section, but I could go back there with a quote from your comment, B.E.)

In the meantime, I want to thank you B.E. for pointing out the dead link in the blog. I did a google and -- surprise! surprise! -- found an even better one from the NYTimes!!! of all media people. (Don't expect to hear of this story though on FOX, MSNBC or CNN. Thank you!!

Fran said...

Good Gawd!

That Palin interview made my skin crawl.

Something about hearing a self-proclaimed Hockey Mom speak so casually about war with Russia (visions of mushroom clouds), that line she's been infused with "Hellbent on destroying America" or what I refer to as *playing the fear card". Her lack of knowing what the Bush Doctrine was, was interesting to watch her tap dance around it... until Gibson explained what it was-- and even then she had some verbose, razzle dazzle answer that left Gibson asking So was that a Yes?

Ugh! Ultimately, Palin does in fact think preemptve strikes are A-OK (does she realize even the POPE disagrees???) if you have the intelligence.

Choking up on this one-- as her own son heads off to the 6.5 year old war in Iraq, based on US "intelligence".
Talk about not getting it!!!!

I can only hope that the coming weeks yield more of these uncomfortable interviews. Not cupcake bios, but real questions for someone wanting the Exec branch job.

As for the corruption & mismanagement in Fed gvmnt..... history repeats itself.

So now we have the weekly ritual of the "Friday Night Surprise". Another Bush legacy.

Somebody really should keep a running spreadsheet of the phenomenon.

D.K. Raed said...

It seems like I found an excellent time to be far away from earth ... but now it all comes crashing back. Ouch, my aching head (and butt, it was a long drive)!

Sounds like Mrs D wins those Scrabble games. That's why EK will only play one game w/me. I need 2 to get in the groove. Or maybe I'm just not wired correctly.

It'll be interesting to hear if & how MoveOn responds to your question. And for the Interior Dept record, the only job perk I ever cared about was the ability to have my dogs there with me all day. If those 2 dogs were still in the visible world, I might be more interested in visibly working.

ps, I see you've updated your avatar in my absence -- very VERY COOL, Dada!

Dada said...

Fran: I don't think Sarah's Catholic so she probably doesn't give a sh*t what the Pope thinks re preemptive strikes.

As for the Friday night surprise: There was none! (But I'm reading the gov't IS sitting in on this weekend's discussion about what to do with Lehman Bros and potential suitors. While refusing to guarantee bailouts for anyone buying Lehman's junk, I don't think the Feds will let this go down w/o some sort of intervention. Time will tell, what deals are made out of public purview.)

And, of course, who wouldn't like a guarantee against losses by the federal government before they go to Vegas craps tables? (Like BofA is looking for.)

In this economy, it's conceivable the gov't may end up buying all of the messes created by hedge funds, bankruptcies and junk being floated on the backs of all Americans. It's only our patriotic duty to save these fat crapitulist's asses.

Dada said...

d.k. - Welcome back! Hope it was a good trip. (Will check your blog soon to see if maybe there's some details.)

Glad you like the avatar. I changed it when I was writing about Texans' love affair with their guns. I thought I should have a tougher persona at the time. Don't know how long I'll keep it.