Monday, September 15, 2008

Of paradises lost...

Tina Fey in the role of Sarah Palin this weekend on Saturday Night Live.

What a sad, sad revelation Saturday Night Live must have been to the Barrack Obama camp. After watching this skit I'm sure he and his political experts realized the grave error they made in selecting Joe Biden as his running mate. Instead, Obama should have selected Tina Fey!

What a brilliant stratagem that would have been. Like something straight out of the (George) Bush Doctrine playbook. In a strike that would have totally preempted McCain's snickering choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, Fey would have likely resulted in a McCain/Lieberman, or some other more conventional ticket. Instead, by not choosing Fey as his vice presidential choice, Obama conceded the shock and awe to McCain. The result? An Obama campaign more devastated then the nation of Iraq.

Besides aborting McCain's first choice for vice president before he could have birthed it, Fey makes a far better looking Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin herself. She can also act, so when asked if she feels qualified to conduct foreign policy based on her ability to see Russia across the Bering Strait or her visit "overseas" to Canada, I'm sure she would have sounded far more convincing than Palin saying, "Hell yah -- I'm ready to be president!"

Even more valuable is Fey's experience as comedy writer and performances before live audiences as a comedian. Imagine how less provocative might her treats sound to the Russians, seasoned with some laughs, that if they don't stand down she and her NATO brothers may have to go "nuculur" on their Red asses. Why, Dada can even imagine Putin chuckling at that! 

Sadly, the Obama camp can now only rue their choice of Biden for VP. But not to feel too badly, however. That's because democratic party followers take politics a little more seriously than their sarcastic republican opponents whose choice of Palin mocks the entire political system, even if it means sacrificing the nation's future. But that's the price they are willing to pay for victory.

Democrats would likely have abandoned an Obama/Fey ticket in droves had he so blatantly flipped off the serious consideration choosing a vice president demands. Sadly, therein lies the rub. Because Fey would have made a great VP!


eProf2 said...

Thanks for posting the video. I've been seeing references to it in several blogs but without the actual video. Funny, but oh so freaking scary! Hey, do you suppose it's not too late to dump Biden and slip Hillary in there as his replacement -- you know, like Thomas Eagleton -- especially if Biden is "unstable."

Mariamariacuchita said...

and no way is Sarah as smart a Tina! Huh? Biden is unstable??

Dada said...

I don't think so....(Biden "unstable")....Do you know something we don't eprof? I did a quick search for Biden's instability and all I came up with was some (conservative shill?) reference to the old accusations of his plagiarizing (twice), one going back to his time in college over 40 years ago?

And in my reading today....while we are nicely distracted by the race for the WH....we have much bigger barns to burn. Barns I don't think either prez candidate may be able to keep from burning to the ground (the economy). Of course, being a natural born pessimist since sometime in the 60's
('63...68?), I just love doom and gloom, but I shouldn't have confessed this as most likely no one reading here had noticed.

eProf2 said...

Never noticed, Dada! It's the economy, stupid, is all Obama should be saying from now until Nov. 4th.

No, folks, I don't anything about Biden's mental health other than his overworked tongue. I was only suggesting that mental health would be the reason for taking him off the ticket should that be necessary, but highly unlikely. See how rumors can get started. I'll probably get a call from either Biden or McCain wanting to know what I know. "I know nothing!"

See my next post, however, on how to regain media focus over Palin and McSame.

Fran said...

Tina Fey did do an excellent job, but really Palin is no laughing matter.
I'll put her name up for *Most Psychotic Candidate '08".

There's a competition she can win!

Dada said...

yes, all joking aside, Palin is extremely scary (dangerous!).

Border Explorer said...

Love your suggestion on Fey for VP! Dada, you have the best ideas. I'm sure there's some other fine post for Biden. (He'll get over it.)