Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It wouldn't be Texas if.....

....we didn't allow teachers to carry concealed weapons into their public school classrooms. (Making totally obsolete the book Classroom Discipline 101 - How to Get Control of Any Classroom No Matter How Tough the Students.)

It wouldn't be Texas if: they didn't allow hunting in the suburbs. "Police in cities like McKinney say they're now trying to educate neighbors about the right to fire shotguns or rifles under certain conditions..."

(Apparently some residents in these neighborhoods, like Lori Castoldi of Prosper, TX, have a real problem being awoken in the middle of the night by gunfire. "I'm afraid for my kids. I don't get it," she said.)

It wouldn't be Texas if: the 2005 state legislature hadn't passed a law forbidding growing suburbs to make discharging firearms within their city limits illegal.

(Some residents in the growing suburban community of McKinney, pop. 115,000 thirty miles north of Dallas, are complaining about their houses being hit by shotgun pellets. Dada feels those complaining ought to act like real Texans and just "Buck it up!" After all, Dick Cheney on a duck hunting trip filled his drinking buddy's face with buckshot when he mistook him for a walrus and you didn't hear him whining about it, didya?)


Border Explorer said...

[off topic]: That's quite the snazzy portrait photo, Dada.

[on topic]: Is that the image Texas wants to see you project?

Dada said...

[on topic]: If you're gonna be a real Texan, you must project a mean mien.

[off topic]: Swear B.E., you won't do anything to expose the true Dada, ok?

PTCruiser said...

Maybe instead of whining, they should just shoot back. It is Texas, after all.

Fran said...

Do they have the same rules in Crawford?

I am mortified to think of sanctioned guns in classrooms.