Friday, September 19, 2008

Alamogordo, NM: Where killing trumps laughing every time?

(Caution: Due to its strong sexual themes, the following links to the trailer for the movie "Horror In The Wind" may be unsuitable for viewing by children as well as the spouses of husbands or wives who may harbor latent non-heterosexual fantasies. Oh, and should I mention?....I have not seen this movie, so this should not be construed in any way as a recommendation by Dada. [But, damn, it looks interesting!])

A website that claims their movie has been labeled by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as, "More fun than gutting a moose!" has been banned by the sole Cineplex in Alamogordo, NM. Reason? It is just too political according to Russell Allen, owner of that city's Allen Theaters.

The ban of "Horror In The Wind" locally, which portrays a future U.S. presided over by it's evangelical president, Pat Robertson, and his vice president, James Dobson, is especially sad in that it was filmed in part in the city of Alamogordo.

According to Revision Studios, maker of "Horror In The Wind," of the ten movies being screened at Allen's cineplex, seven of them contain extreme violence. "They are offended by political comedy but have no problem screening wall to wall graphic violence," said writer director Max Mitchell. "I guess it's better to kill than laugh."

"Horror In The Wind" is scheduled for release next month.


thailandchani said...

"More fun than gutting a moose"?

Oh, God!


eProf2 said...

It's on my list of films to watch for in the coming weeks. Thanks.

Of course, violence is better than humor. Look we can't impeach Bush for conducting illegal wars of huge violence but we did impeach a president for a blow job by an intern, which if you could put in a film it would be rather humorous to see the president sitting at his desk on the phone while...(you get the picture).

Border Explorer said...

Amazing post and great comments.

Little Alomogordo, MN--center of a controversy? What next? Next I suppose you'll be telling me they're making a movie about Pat Robertson and James Dobson as Pres/VP of the USA.

(oh wait, you said

Fran said...

You've been given an award.....

D.K. Raed said...

the horror, the horror ... although ... it WOULD provide a harmless way to walk in the wild side's shoes (that's the most harmless metaphor I could think of) ... so, now I'll have to watch for EProf's review!