Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday ruminations from the looney bin.

America, in disguise as a siren, tenderizing the plastic bagged populations of the Earth.

This morning I awoke pondering:
  • What if global population and the distance to the Sun were switched? Like, what if the total population of the Earth was 93 million people and the distance between the Earth and Sun was six and a half billion miles instead? Would this be a better world? (I concluded the answer probably lies in the Clintonesque conundrum, It depends on what your definition of better is.)

From over at Urban Survival this week, (a great place for things economic and other miscellany that could adversely impact the lives of the hordes), after the Labor Department released the latest month's inflation figures annualized at 6%, came the following:
  • What the headlines in the MSM won't bring to your attention (so I will) is that the annualized rate of inflation for all items in the past three months pencils out to a 10.4% inflation rate. That should scare the hell out of reasonable people, but since there are none of them left in meaningful policy positions, we're safe on that score.
Well, we know how the kleptocrats who rule us like to juggle the numbers by excluding little things like life sustaining commodities from cost of living indexes, etc. I suddenly don't feel so good about that "great" CD interest rate of 5.65% we got last fall. Instead, I get this creepy feeling our asses are slowly and surely slipping away.


The progression of threats designed to keep Americans scared shitless of the World may be suffering a setback with Russia's latest aggressive actions in Georgia.

With the thawing of the Cold War after 1989, the new threats to assure continued growth of the crapitalists military industrial complex were to be rogue states like Sadam in Kuwait and terrorists in the World Trade Center. False flag operations are employed if our damn enemies fall lax or aren't producing enough terror fast enough from the right strategic areas on the globe.

Eventually, these will be replaced by the ultimate, scarier-than-shit enemies of state (of Earth, actually).
  • Dr. Carol Rosin, the former spokesperson for the late Werner Von Braun, and ex-Nazi who played an instrumental role in the NASA space program, says a false flag alien attack is a distinct possibility. In fact, Von Braun told her shortly before his death that the first threat would be communism, then terrorism, giant killer asteroids and finally space aliens. The only thing is that all of these threats would be lies and used as an excuse to consolidate power and militarize space. (Von Braun passed away in 1977.)
With the Russians reasserting themselves in direct contradiction to Bush's aggressiveness, this could set back the whole schedule of killer asteroids and space aliens. It means I may never get to see the arrival of the space aliens in my lifetime if the Cold War is reignited with the Russians. This saddens me, even if those aliens are phonies, i.e., some of "our guys" dressed up like little grey men.

I realize this sounds like a lot of conspiracy crap. I know how totally absurd this all sounds but, hey, Dick Cheney recently considered a false flag operation against the American fleet in the Persian Gulf by Americans disguised as Iranians. (Anyone that fucking nuts, well, there's no telling what crazy things he may have already done!)

While the future for you or I may not look that great at present, at least it's good to know the future looks very bright indeed for the U.S. military industrial complex -- so long as they remain mindful to tread carefully and not to 'faire détoner' the whole bloody world.


PTCruiser said...

I'm personally praying for an invasion from the planet Kashyyyk.

eProf2 said...

Dada, your friend Steve and fellow HDB pal wrote to us about your recent meeting. Thanks for reminding him of our concerns about the absence of an immigration policy from Obama. I've written back to him at Grass Roots Press. I also wrote to BE to let her know someone at GRP was following up on the situation at Colonia Lomas del Poleo. It's all about an industrial development and a new binational highway from Mexico to the NM.

Check it out.

D.K. Raed said...

I can answer your first question & it doesn't even depend on the definition of is. Life as we know would be unsustainable at 6 billion miles from our Sun. Therefore, I'm sure it would be MUCH better!

Great Von Braun quote. He did not live long enough to witness the Bush-Cheney years, or he might've concluded the space aliens have arrived, and they come bearing gifts of inflation and war.

dada said...

eprof: Thanks for the heads up. As I remarked somewhere (I don't remember where now), I was pleased with Steve of GRP and HDB (grin), of his effort to have the Obama camp clarify their apparent contradiction on walls. (I don't know that he heard - or ever will - anything back.)

Unlike an old HS and JC chum who visited recently (an Obama supporter) asked on the walls speech: "Was Obama speaking symbolically?" the implication being, I guess, if he was it wasn't worth the wind it was blown into, i.e., he didn't really mean it?

But Steve is pretty thorough and conscientious. I enjoyed watching he and you stand shoulder to shoulder in recent retort to the "Last Conquistador" blog comments.

Oh my way over to GRP now. Thanks!

dada said...

D.K. Yes, I concur. "It would be much better!" (I intentionally picked a large enough number to result in that particular outcome.)

Good observation!