Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kelloggs would be proud!

From democratic laughing stock to deliverer of the "best speech you'll hear in all four days," and "Kucinich rocks convention!" to "contemplate what might have been..."

(Photo by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

In October, 2007, during a presidential debate, TV journalist "par excellence" Tim Russert asked that night's most important question of Dennis Kucinich. It was a question that all Americans wanted the answer to:

"This is a serious question: 'The god-mother of your daughter, Shirley MacLaine, writes in her book that you sighted a UFO over her home in Washington state (audience laughter)...did you see a UFO?'"

Chuckles from Barack Obama (above), other candidates on stage and the audience obviously signaled their distancing of themselves from a flake who had make such a claim.

Last evening at the democratic national convention, that flake was the darling of the night as evidenced by the many positive remarks being heard today. (Examples above.)

Sadly, the other "flake" who has also seen a UFO (remember, that's an unidentified flying object, not necessarily an alien "manned" aircraft from the star system Zeti Reticula) was to deliver an address to the convention last night too. He is a former president. That would be Jimmy Carter. But he got preempted.

While Flake One was champion of last night's speakers for his scathing assessment of a republican controlled government the past eight years and his inspiring call for Americans to "Wake up," Flake Two may have been way too risky to allow on the podium. That's because he might have embarrassed fellow AIPAC supporting democrats like candidate Obama himself, and angered the Zionists who hold the U.S. hostage to Israel as that nation's lap dog.

At least Kucinich may have pulled a few party left wingers back into the fold, versus Carter who might have deeply cost democrats dearly by suggesting Palestinians are people too!


D.K. Raed said...

Kucinich rocked The Mile High!

Carter did speak, on Monday, just after Pel-loser bored us ALMOST to death. But unless you were watching CSpan, you missed it because all the networks are wasting so much time opinionating, they are editing out the convention itself. CSpan is just showing it all, live, no cuts, no newshead opinions, starting at 4 or 5PM MDT each night.

dada said...

Thanks d.k. - In that we disconnected from the satellite in April (the dish now in the process of being 'reconditioned' -grin), we no longer have access to C-Span.

Instead we rely on a couple of online news sources such as Democracy Now! where, in yesterday's show, Amy interviewed Carter because "Carter was removed from Monday’s speakers’ list in what appeared to be a last-minute change. Instead, Carter was shown in a three-minute videotaped address focusing on his work around Hurricane Katrina. He was then brought onto the stage for a ninety-second ovation for the crowd with his wife Rosalynn."

Neither a 3 min. vid or 90 second onstage ovation sounds like speaking before the convention. Suspected reason for his preemption being he would be critical of the Bush policy supporting Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza which appears something 'the other party - the democrats' also appear to support.

D.K. Raed said...

Apologies, Dada. In trying to watch the convention Monday eve, I flipped from MSNBC to CNN & other networks. With all the punditry analysis going on, I was thinking there must not be much happening on the first night.

In a primetime spot, Pelosi took the podium & delivered a tepid speech. Afterwards, one of the MSNBC "journalists" accosted her for an interview as she walked off the stage. Pelosi got very testy. I didn't understand why at the time, but heard later she had been "codepinked" earlier in the day, wherein she was publically called out for failure to let impeachment proceed. So she was obviously not in a good mood, given the codepinkers & the fact that her big speech had just fallen flat.

So as the interviewer was pressing her, Pelosi suddenly looked up at the podium and said, "I'd rather be listening to President Carter now". I could hear his voice speaking in the background. So, I just assumed he was speaking live at the convention & that MSNBC had determined it was footage we, the paying public, do not want to see. Obviously, not! Must've been that videotaped address you referred to.

Anyway that incident got me so incensed that the networks were editing big chunks of the convention that I flipped to C-Span and have not flipped back to any other coverage since. And now I find out (from you) that it wasn't a real incident at all ... that Carter really was not allowed to speak live at the convention. Shameful!

I noticed last night, Gov Richardson was bumped. He was scheduled to speak just before Biden. But then his name *poof* disappeared, and we were treated to more Pelosi. Since I'm boycotting the networks, I still don't know what happened there. Maybe he was "cartered"?