Sunday, August 03, 2008

I live in a beautiful world

Obviously, there are several possibilities to explain the world I inhabit. Some of them are pretty scary with frightening implications. Others, which at the moment I suspect are more reasonable than the others, are far more likely (in my opinion), which make them even scarier (than shit!). 

Some of those possibilities which I speak of, in brief, are:

1.) I live in a rational world -- hence, I am totally fucking nuts.
2.) I live in an irrational world -- but I am perfectly sane.
3.) I live in a quasi-rational world -- ruled by leaders who, having attained maturity, still enjoy playing with their missiles, obviously stuck in some pre-pubescent stage of development who find flirtations with Armageddon orgasmic. 
4.) Our leadership is screwy and their subjects are also stuck in some pre-pubescent stage of development that accepts playing with their missiles as "normal," the flirtation with which could trigger the start of World War III, a kind of ultimate sexual orgasmic experience. 

These are but a few possibilities. I limit this list because I suspect one of these is most likely, unless there are some I am overlooking, after all, I may be living in possibility #1 above. (Feel free to add/suggest others as you see fit.)

So, why *this*, why *here*, why *now* (again!)? Well, I've been  reading about Bush and Prime Minister Blair's Downing Street meeting in July, 2002, on how best to provoke Saddam into some act which would justify Bush blowing the shit out of Iraq; some phony baloney reason like WMD's (that even Bush knew he couldn't prove/find) to justify going to war.

And now I've read of a meeting in *Big Dick* Cheney's office on how best to provoke another false flag war - this one with Iran - so that we can again play with our missiles. A 31 July 08  Truthout article reveals a plan to use Americans in phony Iranian patrol boats to attack U.S. naval ships in the Persian Gulf. It was one of a dozen or so ideas considered by Cheney's brain trust. As Seymore Hersch points out, it was a plan rejected. But never forget, it was a plan considered

Enter the last thing I read. It was about Iran's plan to attack the U.S. with a nuclear armed missile launched from a ship off our coast, it's purpose to destroy American communications by a sudden electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which would eventually result in the meltdown of the entire U.S. system in a kind of "Jericho," (the TV series) type of event. Apparently, recent Iranian Caspian Sea missile tests ended in their detonations high in the atmosphere. If intentional, this sent experts to speculate why.

While the source of this report is from a conservative think tank whose only purpose may be to further the administration's motivations for attacking Iran, suppose there is some truth to this?

One has to suspect that Iranian leadership watched closely the U.S. lead up to war with Iraq which was based on phony trumped up charges of WMD's. That, despite bending over backwards to placate the U.S., Sadam was screwed in the end. For Iran to sit idly by waiting for the same Bush-Cheney noose to tighten around their necks would be foolish; would be suicidal.

So, could you blame Iran for some scheme to at least strike out at the U.S.? I don't think so. Is it crazy? Most probably, yes, very. But then one has to remember the psychopaths Iran is up against-- Bush and Cheney. (See possibilities 1 - 4 above.) 


eProf2 said...

Dada, I don't have any other possibilities to add to your list. However, I'm struck by the idea that ideas start with tv programs. You mentioned Jericho. Recently, I think it was in Newsweek, I read that torture techniques were most likely to have been initiated in the Justice Department by watching the tv series, 24, on Fox. Now, that's crazy! And, oh by the way, were sane, I think!

eProf2 said...

We're sane -- not were. Sorry about that.