Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Viva chihuahuas!

Living just 7 or 8 miles from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, I was enthralled by this short video that exemplifies a spirit of America that is credited with the birth of our nation.

It's a spirit that apparently no longer exists here (except as fantasized about in this clip from the upcoming Disney movie to be released to all of America a month or so before our presidential election in November).

Here then is a reminder to us of the qualities we have all lost or are losing. Qualities such as the willingness to stand up against despots and the courage to resist the erosion of our rights at all costs.

Viva Chihuahuas!


Fran said...

Perhaps Disney has proven the theory that things really have gone to the dogs.
This one seems to be a real ankle biter....

eProf2 said...

That's a funny video on several levels. One, my wife's brother has a one year old chihuahua, Petunia, who made the camping trip with us last weekend. So, seeing her chase after squirrels and hanging out the truck window, the video is right on. Two, I read recently that Mexicans are importing, yes, importing chihuahuas from the US as the blood line for Mexican chihuahuas has been broken. US dog breeders have been selling chihuahuas to their Mexican owners for up to $2,000 each. Petunia wasn't that expensive! Good post!

Border Explorer said...

I don't like the Mexican accent/Spanglish language of the dog. If I were a citizen of Chihuahua, I'd be offended. To me it smacks of racism. Yes, I'm inclined not to give Disney the benefit of the doubt.

D.K. Raed said...

I kind of liked the little guy & his dead-eyed No Mas attitude (too bad I'm such a fackin idjit I can't figure out how to insert an accent or italicize in a comment). Anyway, he was quite handsome & reminded me a bit of the little guy we are taking care of now -- who is being reclaimed this weekend. No Mas Ark!

Tony Andrews said...

Nice little dog speech lol!

dada said...

Thanks for the comments.

There are several elements at work in this particular video, as eprof so aptly pointed out. My immediate reaction to a couple of them was visceral.

First and foremost was the strong spirit of anger, of defiance it extended. My other was of people who dress their dogs (or other animals) as people. Are we so damned miserable as a species we must make other species imitate us to make us feel better??!!)

Both of these I have very strong feelings about, i.e., the former in this country we have too little of, the latter way, way too much! (Particularly in that I feel editor Sam, having a far more innocuous presence on the planet than I, has a stronger claim to inhabit this Earth than I do.)

But after reading your reaction B.E., I viewed this video again and appreciate you pointing out another strong element to this video. (I really cringed at "to all-you-can-eat taco bars!")

I like to think of myself as sensitive, but maybe the previous aforementioned elements aroused such passionate feelings within me I missed this originally.

Again, thank you for pointing it out.

dada said...

D.K. - BTW, congratulations on your rehab of Ark! To a job well done! (Pero, 'no mas' perros!)