Friday, July 25, 2008

Slitting your own throats

If you like the greatly increased odds of getting seriously ill from eating tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, calabasas or whatever the hell's sickening people around the nation with salmonella, you'll probably vote for John McCain this November. That's because you probably voted for George Bush previously.

But I'm just curious why do you like the greater odds of jeopardizing your health by cutting regulatory agencies that used to oversee the safety of your food, your water, air you breathe and prescription drugs you take, hoping they won't make you ill, destroy your liver, cause you a stroke or just flat out kill you? Huh? Why?

I just had to ask this of those who plan to vote for John McCain because I'd like to suggest you might want to have your IQ tested before then. That's because you may be an imbecile. Or maybe you should consult a shrink. Because if you find John McCain as president an attractive idea, you're probably a fucking idiot.

Or maybe, if you can't afford to be tested because you have no health insurance, just maybe you could write a serious response here that might logically explain how you can support policies that are detrimental to your very existence.

But think carefully before you answer. Because if you can explain it in such a way that it makes sense, I have a lot of other questions for you. Things like why you would fly in airliners behind in required maintenance and aircraft inspections because airline and the FAA officials prefer to play golf with each other than concern themselves with the public's safety. And does the sudden surge in deaths from things like crane collapses and mining disasters have anything to do with cuts in regulator's oversight?

I'm not even gonna mention that other minor shit. Stuff like our violation of international treaties, torture, lies, and phony wars. Nor will I bring up my curiosity of your support for the suspension of habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. But I do wonder, "What the fuck are you so afraid of that you would surrender these things people died defending?" Huh? Why's that?

And, oh yeh, why is it if you go to Las Vegas, gamble and lose your ass, it comes out of your pocket, but if Wall Street hedge funds get in trouble, bankers gamble and lose and mortgage lenders speculate, that comes out of your fuckin' pocket too?! Huh? Why is it up to you, as taxpayer, to "save the country" from the mess the fat, greedy-assed Wall Street pigs drove it into? Why? Why is that?

Or maybe you just subscribe to that conservative tripe about "smaller government." But if you do, can you explain why the nation, with all of its trimming the fat with cutbacks, outsourcing, privatizing, and tax breaks for the rich, has run up deficits that threaten its very future far more than any terrorist attack pending or implied in fantasy?

What the fuck is that? Huh?

"McCain for president!" Yeh, right.


Fran said...

Yea! I want to know the answers to those questions too.

eProf2 said...

It's called imperial capitalism: War, war, war at any time in any place so corporations can make money and presidents can protect every "free enterprise." Nice rant!