Friday, July 11, 2008

Quotes of the day!

"Goodbye, from the world's biggest polluter."

George W. Bush's departing remark on global warming to the national leaders of the G-8 summit as he left what will be his last meeting with them yesterday in Japan.  (Let us all pray!)

(Did we really want such flippant punk-ass leadership in the face of burning issues that may determine the survivability of humanity as we've known it? ~Dada)

"I'm not going to retract any of it. Every word I said was true!"

Senator John McCain's economic adviser, Phil Gramm, saying of remarks he made to the Washington Times regarding current U.S. economic conditions as being merely a "mental depression" and that the country has become a "nation of whiners."

(Do we really want the economic adviser of the next president of the United States telling us to quit our fuckin' whining just because we lost our jobs with the auto industry or the airlines or some bank or Starbucks or a Krispy Kreme shop or a mortgage company? But that's okay because we couldn't afford the gas to get to work anyway. And our family's out of a home as a result of a giddy housing market that got us in over our heads and it's our own damn fault because we're not thinking positively enough?! ~Dada)

He "does not speak for me -- I speak for me. So I strongly disagree." 

Senator John McCain denouncing the remarks of his economic adviser, Phil Gramm. 

(What does it say of a presidential candidate who would pick as his economic advisor a person living in an alternate reality or parallel Universe from another dementia who thinks the current economic conditions of the United States are the result of a bunch of depressed whiners who don't live on the same "smiley faced" planet as Gramm? Oh, and after McCain's strong denouncement of Gramm's remarks, is he still McCain's economic advisor? ~Dada)  


enigma4ever said...

well well....I guess we are all Whiners? or just Brilliant!!! and McCain 's way of dealing with it?? this was his Economic Advisor- he TOP advisor????
Absolutely a nightmare...

but I have whined enough...

(and yes, I posted the video of the Idiot saying THAT....)

enigma4ever said...

oh, he is still his Co-Chairman of his Campaign....not demoted YET....and probally won't be....cuz he is soooo good with the Money??? Economic issues? cuz they have been buds for 25 years ?

Utah Savage said...

Cause, McCain's wife is almost as insulated from the issues that make the rest of us a bunch of whiners? Thus insulating McCain, himself, from these issues, the petty little problems of the little folk? Someone who rides in his wife's big jet and goes everywhere in a limo or in the cozy commander's chair on the Straight Talk bus from hell, being driven by a black man, probably hasn't had to pump a tank of gas since before the Vietnam war. What the fuck does he know of hardship? Bunch of filthy-rich, out of touch, arrogant motherfu.... You know what I mean.

enigma4ever said...

yeah....that is what I meant to say ..Ditto....

ahhh the woes of a Beer Baroness...I bet she has whined a bit in her day- whatcha think???

"Oh Johnny I need a Bigger Plane...Oh Johnny I need a Better Face....Oh Johnny.."

okay I will slunk off now.....

D.K. Raed said...

hey, let's not stop w/Cindy. What about Gramm's wife, Wendy? BofD for Enron! And HOW did ENRON manage to screw so many Granma Millies? Phil Gramm sponsored the Enron Loophole! Never have so few screwed so many. Forget whining, I am bitching!

BTW, I wonder if ego-centric Bush-punk was speaking of HIMSELF as the world's biggest polluter? Everyone assumes he meant the U.S.!

Fran said...

Wow! From "the decider" to "I speak for me"-- I feel like I am at a cavemans summit!


But yet he was NOT speaking when the press asked him his stance (my play on words), re insurance companies covering viagra & not birth control.

Then his maverick/macho "I speak for me" changed to.."I am not informed enough to ..........a........ comment".

I propose he make that last quote his campaign slogan.

Fran said...

for the record-- I'm with DK-- forget the whining-- bitching, ranting/raving & moaning.... maybe throw in a howl.

Stephen said...

Excuuuse me, John McCain, but you hired this guy and he does speak for you. You're so proud to have an 'expert' on economics that you didn't happen to notice he was one of the architects of the subprime mortgage crisis. And now you want to distance yourself from him? Well, you're either a fool or a liar. Since we've had both for the last eight years, I guess we don't need you or Phil Gramm.

dada said...

Stephen: Thanks for dropping by Dada's where comments (especially from "newcomers") are always appreciated.

While I tend to lean in your direction, I am left a bit bewildered by your response to this blog, i.e., you seem to be implying some degree of responsibility, some accountability by our leaders (or leaders in waiting) for the decisions of whom they choose to represent their views in their quest for more and greater power.

Anyone with a modicum of curiosity would seem to want to investigate the background of someone they choose to represent their interests, particularly when those interests have in the cross hairs of their sights the presidency of the U.S.

Apparently McCain is not one of those, but that's okay. Neither are the majority of uncurious Americans who will be voting for him this fall.