Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Here they come, from all over the world! (Well, almost.)

I sometimes muse at how mind and matter collide and what materializes from such collisions; of how matter is molded and manifested into our world as the result of a thought in someone's mind.

In 1984, a bullet from the rifle of a Nicaraguan contras "freedom fighter" found its mark inside the body of one Reverend Lucius Walker, Jr. The following photos are all the result of that bullet (matter) meeting with that Reverend (mind).

Approximately 12 years afterward, on the 19th of July, 2006, Mrs. Dada and I passed a strange looking bus on a lonesome stretch of Interstate 10 just west of Blythe, California. I slowed the car as we passed while Mrs. Dada took pictures of the very unusual bus.

We didn't know it, but that bus was a manifestation of that earlier space/time intersection between a bullet and Reverend Walker.

On April 6, 2008 while walking with blogger and frequent commenter on Dada's Dally, Border Explorer, pictured here with husband -- Mr. Border Explorer, revealed to Dada the highlight of her life had come about as a result of the 1984 shooting of Rev. Walker.

(Photo courtesy of Janine Bandcroft of Journey to Cuba with Pastors for Peace)

From last Friday, June 27, 2008. Dada, pictured above listening to group spokeswoman, Nita Palmer, seated across from him. (Mrs. Dada can be seen standing behind in pink. ) We attended a potluck dinner hosted by El Paso's Unitarian Universalist Community Church. It was for a contingent of 16 representatives of Pastors for Peace on their way to Cuba with medications, educational materials and computers.

For the 19th time in 17 years, Pastors for Peace, through this year's courageous group of volunteers, will again challenge the U.S. blockade of Cuba this Thursday, July 3rd, when they will attempt to cross the border into Reynosa, Mexico.

They had come to dinner in two very unusual buses. One of those buses parked outside was the very same bus the Dada's had passed nearly two years ago outside Blythe, CA! (top photo)

If we didn't know what that bus was about in 2006, we were learning this evening, all because of a bullet and Reverend Walker's interaction in 1984.

Below then, are pictures of some of the buses carrying volunteers from the U.S., Canada and Europe along with desperately needed and appreciated goods and medications for Cubans. There are also cars and trucks in this convoy.

NOTE: These photos were taken in McAllen, TX and are courtesy of Janine Bandcroft, one of the caravanistas. The following is also from her website:

"More than 100 Pastors for Peace volunteers from the US, Canada, and Europe have assembled in McAllen, TX to challenge the immoral US blockade on trade and travel to Cuba. Participants in the 19th US/Cuba Friendshipment Caravan arrived last night in McAllen and are currently preparing for their journey. They are camped out at Our Savior Lutheran Church for several days to inventory the 100 tons of aid they have collected for Cuba, to decorate and maintain their vehicles, and to prepare their border-crossing strategy. The aid includes medical, educational, arts and sports equipment for the blockaded island nation. Six brightly painted school buses and a mobile library will also be donated to Cuba. The caravan plans to cross the Texas border into Reynosa, Mexico early on Thursday, July 3, on their way to visit Cuba."

As you look at the pictures of these buses carrying all these volunteers, remember it may be it's only because of the intersection of a bullet and a reverend sharing the same space and time in 1984 that all of this has manifested.

And while viewing this magnificent fleet, ponder what might not be if that bullet had missed Reverend Walker.


Dada note: The U.S. blockade of the small island nation, Cuba, for nearly 1/2 a century makes absolutely no sense. Unless, as Dada suspects, Cuba scares the shit out of the United States.

That would be because Cubans enjoy many benefits we in the United States don't/can't have, such as free education and medical care for all citizens, despite that nation's impoverishment.

And while a poor country, try to imagine what the U.S. would be like with our dwindling resources and an industrial base that manufactures little more than humongous personal and national debts, or ponder how "rich" we'd be if blockaded for forty-seven years unable to import the oil and essential resources from others all over the world we so desperately need to build our major exports, bombs and bombers.

Or, "God forbid!" what would we do if we couldn't have the cheap Chinese Wal-Mart crap our insatiable, addicted appetites require?


Border Explorer said...

Nice post, Dada. I'm flattered you featured our B.E. family. I'm proud that the caravan is in my life history. It has its grueling moments, I haven't repeated it yet...but someday!

I love the existential twist with which you present the caravan. Cooincidences? Providence? "If it be your will"? I was amazed at the photo you produced of the caravan from 7/19/06. (Very nice shot, btw.)

U.S. foreign policy on Cuba is a blatently twisted piece of crap more horrendous than anything China ever produced in plastic. (IMHO)

dada said...

Thanks B.E. I knew I was going to sleep well after completing this blog last eve.

But I was wrong because I made an assumption which I suspected was right, but until confirmed I kept wondering if I shouldn't have asked or told you of my intention first before using the picture of you and Mr. B.E. in this blog.

"Whew - as I thought!" your comment proved my assumption correct, yet that doesn't make right that I just assumed. So thank you -- WITH my apologies for handling this wrong.

That aside, I'm really glad we got to meet a small part of this larger group. It's made it a little more personal, this feat they're attempting again.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just go there legally?! (I'm not holding my breath.)

Utah Savage said...

Okay, Dada, yes, I loved your post as I always do, and here is my take on Cuba: We will support any old overthrow of those pinko bastards who give health care to everyone, where beggars don't line the streets, and homeless don't litter the beaches like so many sand crabs, and turn it back into what we really value--another Caribbean paradise run like a whorehouse where we can gamble and smoke and do whatever the hell we wish, and all those brown people will have service industry jobs, if they're attractive and young. Other wise they can go sleep on the beach, and count themselves damn lucky to be alive.

And now for the fun part. I am here to give you the coveted "Barbie on a Half Shell" or as it's really called, the Pico Y Arte award. Comes all the way from Uruguay. See me for further details.

eProf2 said...

In addition to my feelings about our outrageous embargo of Cuba, I'm tempted to simply say, "It's a small world after all." Well done post, Dada.

dada said...

Point of clarification by Dada: On writing this up, whether for dramatic purposes or out of total neglect, I failed to explain why -- when Border Explorer said -- "the highlight of her life had come about as a result of the 1984 shooting of Rev. Walker."

And that would be not because of some perverse pleasure Border Explorer got out of an attempted (but failed) murder/assassination attempt of a reverend, but from the resulting annual pilgrimages to Cuba in defiance of U.S. sanctions against that nation that he originated BECAUSE HE SURVIVED THAT INCIDENCT!

That's to say, Border Explorer actually participated in one of those caravans that brought very welcomed and needed goods to the citizens of Cuba about 10 years ago.

(Dada hopes this is sufficient clarification to avoid any legal action Border Explorer may have been conemplating against this "dalliance"!)

dada said...

eprof: TY! I guess I've been added to Janine's e-mail list (one of the caranistas) and, as a result, it will be very exciting to see how tomorrow plays out as they attempt to "X" the border.

dada said...

Utah: Thanks you so much for the wonderful honor you've chosen to bestow on "Dada's".

It's moments such as these that really encourage, no, embolden, one to carry on. I thank you very, very much. (I will be over to your blog soon.)

Tell me, will I be able to present to American authorities my "Barbie on a Half Shell" award as testament to my good intentions and citizenship?

Oh hell, I just noticed it originated in Uruguay (as you noted). Is that a Communist or Socialist country? (Pray not.)

Or wait, is that where Bush and Cheney intend to spend their retirement (exile) years IF they leave office? Or is it Paraguay? I can't remember except it's a 100,000 acres with lots and lots of water (and the rights to it) underneath it. But, they're so confusing, these para and ura "guays"....just like our Bush and Big Dick.

Anyway, thank you so much, dear. Your nomination really made my day!

D.K. Raed said...

Love all these wonderful photos! Wishing the caravanistas buena suerte a la manana. Even though I'm unable to fathom our ongoing hardon for Castro, I don't think we'll be de-embargoing Cuba until he (and his bro?) are gone. It makes no sense to me, but then little else we do does, either.

ps, oh you KNOW it's Paraguay! Just think of Bush and Dick as a Pair. That's my mnemonic.