Monday, June 16, 2008

Hope for the future?

There's an interesting article on one of those "fringy websites" whose mailing list I'm on that claims, "Japanese invent car that runs on water."

It's the kind of site devoted to conspiracies and other stuff that are on the edge of our current reality tunnel which, odds on, are likely as valid as the present paradigm we live under as fed us by our politicians, their government, and the corporate, other special interests and media structures in place that constantly drone it into our skulls "this is how things really are."

Anyway, the teaser to the article (which I haven't read, because I didn't bother to 'subscribe' to read it) says:

"Tired of petrol prices rising daily at the pump? A Japanese company has invented an electric-powered, and environmentally friendly, car that it says runs solely on water.

"Genepax unveiled the car in the western city of Osaka on Thursday, saying that a litre of any kind of water -- rain, river or sea -- was all you needed to get the engine going for about an hour at a speed of 80 km."

And I got all excited when I read this. Not because of the possible solution to our extreme energy crisis now manifesting in many ugly ways across the globe (which in the U.S. means adding more lanes to existing freeways), but because of the possibility that maybe, just maybe, it might be the flashpoint that gets us seriously concerned about cleaning up the water for our cars, some of which we might drink?*

After all, it's very evident from recent events such as the conversion of corn as food into corn as gasoline that we're more concerned about what we put in our gas tanks than our bellies!

(* Whoever's behind this 'water as fuel' idea better get their asses into hiding, and quick! We know what happens to those who think outside the box!)


Utah Savage said...

It doesn't take much for me to believe what others call conspiracy theories. Theories, maybe, conspiracy, more than likely. But I am that age. Old beatnik/hippie, believer in civil disobedience, card carrying member of the ACLU.( Odd to me that the ACLU could ever be called radical).

Border Explorer said...

Hey, we're in great shape in Iowa right now if we can market all this water as fuel!

D.K. Raed said...

Now if only we could get the car mfrs interested in mercury-free salmon as fuel ... or, maybe just some plain old salmonella-free tomatoes would be nice!

But whenever you mention the water thing Dada, I have to say all I can think of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Kissinger-et al buying all that property down in Paraguay that sits on top of the world's largest underground fresh water supply, The Aquiferi Guanari. The oil guys are already looking toward the no-oil future. It also sits on top of a huge natural gas reserve. Jeeeez, I hope Jenna and not-Jenna have been practicing their español.

dada said...

Yes, Utah, conspiracies are far easier to believe these days under the Bush administration. And I also love the way the Limbaughists, those great patriots and defenders of their rights and freedoms according to their dogma, absolutely trash the ACLU for defending everybody's else's (ours).

B.E. Sometimes I like to dream. Dream about stuff like a nation that heavily invests in flood and drought control for the entire nation with levees and canals, holding back water here (where there's a H20 glut), channeling it there (where there's a drought). Instead we invest our efforts in the creation of bomb craters and the slaughter of innocent human beings.

But what a testament the former would have been, that once upon a time there existed intelligent life on Earth.

In the meantime, I guess we must content ourselves knowing the finest and last examples of Homo sapiens may end up safely secluded away in Paraguay. And not to worry about Jenna and Barbara's Spanish. Daddy Bush has demonstrated he's more than proficient in the language, right?

Also, I muse at some of the Europeans (part of the conspiracy?) to kiss Bush's ass whenever he talks tough (and tougher) about Iran, like on his "last trip" to Europe.

Why am I having Iraq déjà vus?