Friday, June 20, 2008

"Lifes' a bitch"

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D.K. Raed said...

an odd interlude, Dada.

Much MUCH better than the bumper sticker I saw the other day:
"truckdrivers make passes at girls with fat asses" ... which I took to be yet another version of "show me your ....s" and certainly did NOT care to inspect the vehicle driver or care where he ended up.

Utah Savage said...

I found this an entirely charming bit of writing. Loved the guy who wrote it and was intrigued by the smoking woman. I too am a smoking woman and find the "life's a bitch,... completely in keeping with my cynicism. Smoking women must all be cynics, how else could you keep doing something so self distructive and deeply detested by the rest of you fellow creatures? I wrote a piece called "Smokin'" and got such a raft of shit from my non smoking readers. They all complained of the smell of stale smoke eminating from the clothing of smokers they are forced to stand next to in the elevator's of the working world. I got lectured by a bunch of prescious youngsters so fussy and PC. Fuck that I say, and said. Non of them has to live with or near me, non of them has to smell me in an elevator, non of them is likely to get an invite to chez Savage to share a joint and have a G&T and sit in the Gazebo. "Fuck the world, I want to get off" is a version of an earlier bumper sticker.

Utah Savage said...

I used to teach riding at a friends stable. She taught all the Equestrian classes for the University of Utah. I had a business bumper sticker which read "I'd rather be riding at ATA (Alternate Transit Authority)" I learned to play polo in my fifties. I was the only "girl" on the Salt Lake Team. Then I broke up with the guy with the three great polo ponies. Horse love will only tolerate so much arrogance in a man, no matter how good the horses are.