Thursday, May 29, 2008

We'll remember always, graduation day!

On Wednesday, president George Bush addressed graduates of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. More than a thousand new graduating Air Force lieutenants applauded and voiced loud approval as Bush said the nation must not lose its nerve in the Iraq War.

photo by Reuters

Losing his balance, a tipsy president Bush was helped to the
podium to address Air Force Academy graduates Wednesday.

Charles Dharapak/Associated Press

Theodore Shiveley of Plano, Texas had planned to launch himself
into a flight of elation after receiving his diploma but aborted takeoff
when his flightpath became obstructed by an unexpected chicken hawk.



Border Explorer said...

Nothing like on-going warfare to provide job security to a newly-graduated lieutenant. That's a plus in this economy (that is to say: Bush's economy).

eProf2 said...

I can hardly stand to watch, see, or hear the president at all much less in front of a military background in light of his chickenhawk status. How did we allow this to happen: a draft evader become president who just loves sending US military folks to war? I guess, as you said on an earlier post, we deserve what we got.

I've reviewed another border land film, The Garcia Girls, over at my blog for your consideration.

dada said...

OK, I apologize for this post. "Dada" being the underlying premise for this blog, the original intention was to find the absurdity in the prevailing paradigm. Sadly, there is so much of it as to be deadly, deadly serious, i.e., it could kill us all! Yet, I keep trying to laugh it off, to cast it in a totally nonsensical way.

With the release of McClellan's book, 5 years after the fact, Americans are all suppose to "ooh" and "ahh" at the revelations contained therein. Yes, 5 years AND OVER 4,000 DEAD AMERICANS AND UPWARDS OF 1,000,000+ Iraqi LIVES LOST (FOR WHAT??!!) and we're all supposed to be stunned with this latest revelation, another validation of the corruption of this administration most of us here knew about long before the March 2003 war began.

Yet, to read Rice's denial of McClellan's charges is to conclude one of two things. 1.) She's lying, or 2.) she's delusional, which is far, far worse. (Of course, I'm neglecting the third possibility and, god forgive if there's not a chance of this being her motivation, that once in the "house" a slave, so grateful to her or his master will say or do anything as a means of "preserving the house" that brought her/him out from the fields. This sickens me.

A Stanford educated woman, a concert pianist and former Chevron Oil Tanker who feels compelled to lie as if it justifies the blood on her hands because it is what her masters see as necessary to have done to the (former) living, now dead.

dada said...

Oh, and one more note...and this sickens me even more than Rice, Rove, and the rotting Bush admin's denials and trashing of's the media scrambling to justify why they laid down for the White House steam roller; why they sat in press conferences with the prez and laughed at his every deflection of any question hinting at a serious probe into the stench of the Bush agenda and its policies.

To those concerned enough to still scramble, I spit on them and suggest they devote some time volunteering digging the graves for soldiers still coming home in boxes because of their negligence to stay the course, ask the tough questions and uncover the truth. "Because you didn't do your jobs, thousands upon thousands have died, bastards!"

Press conferences are not supposed to be "chummy"...they're supposed to be adversial. Wake up and do your f*ckin' jobs, a**holes!

eprof: thanks for the Garcia Girls suggestion....we'll put it on our Netflix list!

eProf2 said...

Fred on Everything has an interesting column on how the press and book authors fail the public utterly when it comes to reporting on the government. McClellan, as a spin doctor for his BushCo, is a travesty. Why didn't the WH press corps grill him until the skin was done and the deeds revealed. Helen Thomas was one of the only ones to try to uncover BushCo misdeeds and look at what McClellan and other WH pigs did to her: characturized her. Shame on them. And, shame on us for not demanding that the fourth estate do their jobs. And, that's what it's all about: keeping one's job.