Monday, May 05, 2008

Reminder to White House, "Your slip's showing!"

To the president and his first lady, a reminder: Be careful when speaking in public because most often when you open your mouth, your hypocrisy slip shows. Adding to the long, long list of such examples, we note today's glimpse of her slip during Laura Bush's press conference regarding Burma's government after a cyclone there that appears to have killed thousands.

Mrs. Bush "urged the Burmese government to accept foreign aid after the devastating weekend cyclone while chastising the regime for not informing its people of the impending disaster."

"'The response to the cyclone is the most recent failure of the regime to meet its people's basic needs,' Bush told reporters,"* forgetting the recent 2005 Gulf Coast Katrina Hurricane and its pre- and post- reactions to it by our regime's leader -- her very own husband.

Damn it's hard to be part of an administration that can't open its mouth but put its own foot in it!

*attribute: The Guardian


Fran said...

Yes! Not just Laura with the foot-in-mouth syndrome-- Condi is faced with that quandry too- going around telling other countries how to get their act together. Throwing stones from grass houses.

eProf2 said...

Another one occured this past week when the US was lecturing and posturing against Iran telling them "no foreign" weapons allowed in Iraq. Give me a break: Are US weapons "domestic" weapons in Iraq?

dada said...

When you're sanctimonious sumbitches, I guess it's best to just keep your damn mouth shut, huh?

I guess that's the bittersweet irony of these hypocrites -- they have to continually reveal themselves in the hypocrisy they spew. Sick bastards! (I love it.)