Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random thoughts while under the eaves.

Today I was under the eaves, painting. A boisterous fighter jet from Holloman AFB just outside Alamogordo, NM, 82 miles up the road, roared by low overhead. The sound from his jet engine/s was deafeningly thunderous.

I'm envious. With afterburners on, he can make the 75 minute time it takes me to drive up to that base from here in 3 or 4 minutes. With a better view. And he doesn't have to pay for the gas either! As with all the Air Force jets and Army helicopters flying past too low in violation of my airspace, I flip him off. But he doesn't see. They never do, but it makes me feel better.

Before, Holloman AFB was home to the F-117 Stealths which have just recently been mothballed. But to maintain the local economy of Alamogordo, a contingent of F-22 Raptors, the Air Force's latest, have been stationed there. Designed to fight and defeat the Russians if the cold war should ever rekindle and then turn hot, we can only hope our purchase of them wasn't a waste of money, right, because I don't see much use for them against al Qaeda and Taliban.

And their new agility and speed saddens me. That's because there's even less chance now than before with the F-117 Stealths of them seeing my extended middle finger waving as they fly by.

I take a break for some water. While in the house I check the local temperature outside. Excite.com says it's 103 degrees! I scoff. The area of roof I'm working on in 103 is the same part of the roof I worked on in 107! But that was over 20 years ago. So while my good sense is still missing, I'm wondering how much of my old endurance may have joined it?

Undeterred, I resume my place outside on my ladder. Suddenly, I hear the following melody for the first time this season. Some of my older readers may recognize it. It went like this:

"Ba ba bah ba bah, da da da dah da da da dut
da da dah da da da da dah dut!" *

And I muse at what I'm hearing. Could the composer of this wonderful little movement 280 years ago ever imagined at the time it would be playing as a signal to children the ice cream truck approaches? How exciting!

My mind wanders to how careful one must be when being creative. How one's creative powers may end up hawking Eskimo Pies to children sweltering in heat with sweet tooths 280 years from now.

Then my mind drifts to the Voyager disks sent into space in 1977. If the neighborhood ice cream truck preserves music from a quarter millennium ago, I wonder if Chuck Berry had any idea when he composed and performed his classic "Johnny B. Goode," that it might one day be heard by someone on a planet in the neighborhood of Alpha Centauri, our sun's nearest fellow star.

And who knows? Maybe excited alien kids may eventually rush to secure sweet frozen refreshments for relief from their warming planet/dying sun/in an aging solar system singing,

"Go go,
Go Johnny go?"

These are the things that occupy my mind while painting under the eaves in 103 degrees.

While my upper torso is shielded from the blazing sun by the eaves, my legs are being toasted a golden tan.

I imagine how great they'll look when, next month after summer has begun, I flag down the approaching ice cream truck playing,

"Ba ba bah ba bah, da da da dah da da da dut
da da dah da da da da dah dut!"


NOTE: For those of you old enough to remember the above melody, congratulations! It's from Jean-Joseph Mouret's (1682-1738) first movement of his "First Suite in D," from his second book of Fanfares for Trumpets, Kettledrums, Violins and Oboes (published in Paris, ca. 1729). The movement is in rondeau form; it is also known as Mouret's "Rondeau," the "Theme from Masterpiece Theatre," and the sound this summer's approaching ice cream truck makes.


eProf2 said...

This is a duplicate from my post:

There are some days I could strangle blogger. I just posted a response to your comment and it ate it for lunch.

Essentially, what I said was "no problem re: the meme." I was reluctant, too, but I said what the heck very few folks stop by here anyway, not like your famous site with newspaper links, et cetera. LOL!!!

See you over at your place. Oh, check in with BE.

horsedooty said...

since this is a random post I thought I would send yall a youtube link to a show about the Texas Church Project which I was a member. This is from a Texas Country Reporter shoot last year.

please enjoy,


¡yo soy Horsedooty!

Border Explorer said...

Hey, Horsedooty! [Dada, would you please excuse me to give Horsedooty a message?] I'll be watching that video. My connection isn't powerful enough currently, but I favorited the site.
Also, some of us wondered if you'd answer 6 questions so we could get to know you better. It's optional and just for fun. The questions are:
1. What was I doing ten years ago?
2. Five things on today's To-Do list
3. Things I'd do if I were a Billionaire
4. Three bad habits?
5. Five places I have lived.
6. Five Jobs I've held
If you will play along with this, you can post your answers at eProf's or at my site. Thanks for thinking about it, and we hope to hear from you. Congrats on the Church Project publicity.

Utah Savage said...

This is my first visit to your site. Lovely writing. I was one of the dreadful early meme senders, to enigma or d.k. or Divajood, not sure which of these lovelies sent it to you, but I'll be lurking to see if you're man enough to reveal anything remotely personal about well, you know, yourself. I'll be back. Did that sound menacingly like Ahnold?

horsedooty said...

hi Border Explorer I will try to answer your questions.

1.ten years ago I was gainfully employed with a company in the graphic arts biz. Worked there for nearly 30 years. Raising two kids.

2. call the vet, feed the dogs and cat, watch the baseball game on TV, set up a darkroom appointment for Friday to finish a cd cover portrait, be home when the wife comes home.

3.move out of town buy a ranch out west of the Pecos. Make more photos. Give a lot of it away

4.I am pretty lazy maybe even slothful, I am not a liar but I don't always tell the truth, I pick my nose when I am alone.

5.Fort Worth, Seattle, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Germany, Boston, Ma.

6.darkroom tech, construction laborer, security guard (when in college) graphic artist at Harvard in Cambridge graphic arts tech.

Dada does not have a blog roll so I don't have you or eprof2's web addresses so I have posted them on Dada's site.

¡yo soy Horsedooty!

Border Explorer said...

Thanks so much, Horsedooty. Sharing the state with you makes me proud to be a part-time Texan.

Dada, I'm afraid I've been responsible for this thread of yours spinning out of control. I apologize. Let me add a comment relevant to your essay (which I loved, BTW).

Your explanation of the F-22 Raptors perhaps being worth their purchase in the case of hot war with the Russians reminds me of my mom urging me to purchase "cancer insurance." I guess I'd rather not buy something that makes me have to get cancer in order for the purchase to be worthwhile.

dada said...

H.D. I don't know if you caught an earlier comment re the churches of Texas under a previous blog, but I was struck how closely one of those churches resembles a church from my youth in rural Oregon. (In the website stills. We also catch glimpses of it in the TC Reporter.)

They have a remarkable resemblance, save for the fact the Oregon church (Old Scotch Church) has an 8 sided steeple, vs. 4 for the TX one.

Nice segment on the Texas Country Reporter also. Thanks for recommending it.

Oh, and thanks for posting "the last meme"...that should just about wrap those up, huh?

dada said...

Hi Utah Savage. Thanks for stopping by (and the kind words also).

This past week I kept wondering, "Who the )*&#*(EW&*^%#!!! started this MeMeMeMe....thing?

I guess the Center for Disease Control could now trace the current outbreak to somewhere in Utah!

Also, you are number four in the dares I have received to complete this thing, this particular epidemic.

And while I enjoyed the way your comment started out -- so gentle, pleasant, so complimentary -- but the zinger at the end left me a wee bit intimidated and cowering to where I'm not left with two very unpleasant choices: Doing the meme or -- and facing the consequences if I don't! (grin)

dada said...

eprof: I forgot to thank you for letting me slide on this memememememe thing.

B.E. I gotta tell ya, call it Global Warming or not, call it my declining years, or not; or maybe call it Mariah (i.e., the wind does not quit, I can't water the yard because the water all blows to Dell City, and to top it off I have my second cold this spring when I go several years without.

So, what am I moaning about? Because, as a result, Mrs. Dada and I are missing a going away party tonight for an old chum of yours - Renee! She's on her way to Canada (at least I don't THINK she meant Ontario, CA[lif.], but you could see where I might get them confused, right?).