Friday, May 02, 2008

Exciting Friday!

Regular visitors here know of frequent visitor, Border Explorer. This morning, clicking on her name in one of the comments she posted here on Dada's, I expected to be taken to the latest entry on her excellent travelpod blog, but instead ended up at Border Explorer's new blog now unfolding!

I liken this to having a high powered, high resolution telescope turned to the cosmos in which one can watch the birthing of a new star!

Congratulations, Border Explorer. I'm really looking forward to learning more of your take on reality; on the meaning of "post-modern religion" and other Border Explorer esoterica. Welcome to "Bloggerville"!


Border Explorer said...

Wow, I'm blown away by your enthusiasm, Dada. Unfortunately, it'll take a while to get the new blog up-and-running. I have to finish off Round 2 of Border Explorer on Travelpod. Since it was "featured" by the site last month, it is now slowly sinking down the chart and back into oblivion on their "featured blogs" list. Meanwhile, I'm still getting some extra traffic, so I'll keep it updated until I get all my exciting adventures from this last month recorded. Then, I'll switch to a Blogger homebase so I can stay in touch with you and your cool friends when I'm not traveling in the SW. So, when it is time to do a "press release" on the new site (currently under construction), will you do my PR for it?

Packing & loading today, we'll drive away from the Border tomorrow. Fortunately, there's ongoing connectedness in cyberspace. Thanks for your support and friendship.

dada said...

B.E. - Sure, I'd be glad to do the PR for the new blog whenst it gets up and running. (Only thing, I'm not sure how much business that will bring. ~grin)

In the meantime, safe travels to you and Paul. May your ventures go well. I know many, many here look forward to your safe return to El Paso in late autumn.

Bon voyage friend! (And, yes, in the meantime we'll keep our eyes peeled for your cyberspace updates.

eProf2 said...

BE, what a stroke of genius to hire Dada as your blog pr agent. All he has to do is call the El Paso and Juarez newspapers and they'll fall all over themselves giving him (and you) full coverage! You do know, he's taken on Spears and Lohan and Hilton as his regular clients, don't you? LOL!!!

Border Explorer said...

LOL back atcha', eProf!! That pretty well names it.